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Tip of the week

Monday, October 8th, 2007

This week’s tip! Watch out for a fresh breath tip from Dr. Katz every week.

Don’t put off going to the dentist. Don’t wait until you feel pain before you go. It is good to have a check-up every six months.


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Today’s guest: Dr. Herbert Katz, author of ‘The Bad Breath Bible’

Monday, October 1st, 2007

Does Dr. Harold Katz have a brother we don’t know about? Dr. Herbert, er, Harold Katz is interviewed by radio host Mike Carruthers of

Mike Carruthers:

Admit it; you worry about bad breath — so do a lot of people.

Dr. Herbert Katz:

About a third of the population has bad breath severe enough where they seek assistance from their physician, their dentist or a pharmacist.Many people for a number of years thought that bad breath comes from the digestive system, from the stomach — and that’s an unfortunate myth. Almost all bad breath comes from bacteria, which live within the back of the tongue, the throat and tonsil area. These are bacteria you’re suppose to have, but under certain conditions (particularly when your mouth is dry) they start to over-produce what are called volatile sulfur compounds. But, for certain people that concentration is severe enough where someone next to them on a plane or at school can smell that.

M.C.: Ironically, Dr. Katz says that many of the products that are suppose to help the problem actually make it worse.

H.K.: Most commercial mouthwash is full of alcohol. Alcohol makes the mouth very dry — any time your mouth is more dry, your breath will become worse. So, by overdoing mouthwashes you’re actually making your breath worse instead of better.

M.C.: And by the way, blowing into your hand and smelling is a lousy way to test for your own bad breath.

H.K.: It’s a great way to smell your hand but there’s a process in your brain called acclamation where you get used to your own odor. So a simple way to test it is to actually lick the back of your hand and let that dry for a few seconds and then smell that.

Complete interview not available.

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Fit: Every Breath You Take – Dr. Katz in Columbus, Ohio

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Dr. Katz, who is on a nationwide “bad breath mission tour” gets down to the basics of bad breath with Vicky Hallett of Read Express.

IF YOU’RE LOOKING for someone to kiss, try the streets of Columbus, Ohio. That’s what dentist-bacteriologist Harold Katz says, anyway. Armed with a device called a Halimeter, the author of “The Bad Breath Bible” is touring the nation to give out gold stars or break the news that, yes, that odor is completely offensive. The current standings have the Midwestern city as the country’s fresh-breath front-runner. To prepare our city for his impending arrival (although the date isn’t scheduled yet), Katz has some tips on making mouths more fragrant.

» EXPRESS: Are people aware of how stinky their breath is?
» KATZ: No, people don’t know they have bad breath. Their brains get used to their odors.

» EXPRESS: So, what causes bad breath?
» KATZ: A dry mouth is the number one cause. People don’t drink enough water to replenish their saliva, and many mouthwashes are full of alcohol, which just dries mouths out more. The teeth have very little to do with it — it comes from bacteria in the back of the throat. The odor you smell in bad breath comes from anaerobic sulphur-producing bacteria, so it stays away from oxygen.

» EXPRESS: But can’t you scrape your tongue?
» KATZ: That does help somewhat, but people who use traditional toothpaste to do it are making their tongues dry, and you don’t want to keep the tongue dry.

» EXPRESS: Garlic can impact breath, but are any foods surprising?
» KATZ: We recommend that if you go to a party that you look for things that are juicy, like fruits. Dairy foods are a big problem because they contain proteins that can break down and smell.

» EXPRESS: Do breath mints help?
» KATZ: Not much, especially if it contains sugar. The way you grow bacteria in a lab is to give it sugar.

» EXPRESS: I hear you’ve worked with celebrities. Any good stories?
» KATZ: I can’t name names, but I treated a singer who had a lounge act. The people at the front tables would go to the back of the room. Also, smokers and drinkers end up with bad breath, so actors have major issues with kissing scenes.

» EXPRESS: How do you politely tell someone they have foul breath?
» KATZ: We have a tell-a-friend program [on the Web site]. They’ll get an e-mail explaining what bad breath is all about. We’re not here to insult them.

» EXPRESS: Can bad breath be a sign of something more than dry mouth?
» KATZ: Quite often we talk about this as a funny thing, but there’s a strong link to illness when you have those high levels of sulphur. It means you’re susceptible to gum disease. Once gums are puffy and bleeding, that’s a chronic infection. There’s a higher incidence of heart attacks and strokes. Signs that things are out of balance could lead to serious consequences.

» EXPRESS: Any other breath-freshening tips for our readers?
» KATZ: Drinking a six-pack of beer is not the same as drinking water. And we highly recommend flossing. It’s one of these things people avoid, but in those crevices is where the bacteria are hiding from oxygen. Also, certain medications — anti-histamines, anti-depressants — can make the mouth dry. So, people who never had bad breath might get it with a new prescription.

» EXPRESS: I know you haven’t tested D.C. breath yet, but any thoughts on how politicians will do?
» KATZ: People who talk a lot use up their saliva, and their breath starts to become offensive. So, if they want to get votes, they should drink plenty of water on the campaign trail.

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Dog Breath?

Monday, September 10th, 2007

It could mean that Your “best friend” may have a serious problem. Periodontal Disease is the #1 disease in dogs and bad breath is one sign that your dog may be suffering. Now, there is a way to attack it naturally and effectively. Plus, we introduce the 1st Deodorizing Shampoo for Dogs using Oxygenation which stops offensive odors, attacks fleasand ticks & soothes your dog’s coat.

Dr. Katz for Dogs products bring to you and your dog 21st Century science, which fights odors generated by sulfur-producing anaerobic bacteria. The basis of these revolutionary home treatments has been proven thousands of times through the use of oxygenating compounds.

Oral Health for Dogs
Dr. Katz’s Special Dog Shampoo
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The Hydro Floss – A Magnetic Oral Irrigator For Gingivitis Treatment and Periodontal Gum Disease

Monday, September 10th, 2007

HydroFloss, Tongue Cleaners, Toothbrush, Bad Breath Detective, PerioSyringe

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Dr. Harold Katz writes about the HydroFloss, an invention that fights gum disease from its very root cause by blasting away sticky plaque with magnetized water.

The Hydro Floss, a product that reduces Tartar and Bacterial Buildup, is a “One-Time Investment for a Lifetime of Health & Confidenc.” hydro floss for preventing gingivitis and gum disease It helps you get to the Real Source of Gum Disease, Bleeding Gums, and Bad Breath. The Hydro Floss combines Magnetohydrodynamics with oral irrigation. By reversing the Polarity of the ions at the molecular level, the HydroFloss inhibits the anerobic bacteria’s ability to attach to the tooth/root surface, before they reach a Critical Mass (which means the beginning of periodontal disease, gingivitis, and bad breath).

The Hydrofloss is different from other water irrigation devices. It uses magnetic technology to “pull” plaque, tartar, and bacterial debris off enamel and out from below the gumline.

Here’s a simple explanation on how the HydroFloss provides the highest level of oral hygiene, particularly when used together with AktivOxigen or PerioTherapy Products. Since most of the bacteria are doing their dirty work below the gumline, the only way to attack the cause of the problem is to get into their environment. These Anaerobic bacteria, (related to the ones that cause bad breath) can easily get under the gumline and between the teeth which can cause periodontal disease and gingivitis. Once they are there, they start to reproduce rapidly and will immediately create plaque in the presence of sugars and other types of food (Usually proteins in dairy foods, meat, chicken, fish, etc.)The sulfur compounds that they produce have a chemical effect on the gum tissue which allows it to become porous and allows other toxins to get under the gums. Once these toxins get into this area, they start to cause gingivitis, periodontal disease, bone loss, loose teeth, and eventually loss of teeth. This degrading process can be prevented by using the Hydro Floss together with Dr Katz’s AktivOxigen or PerioTherapy products. The water/AktivOsigen solution that shoots through the HydroFloss tip becomes “magnetized”.

Plaque as you know is very sticky, but scientifically it attaches tightly to the enamel and roots of your teeth through “positive” and “negative” charges. The “magnetized” water/PeriO2 solution hits the plaque & literally blasts it off the teeth by reversing the polarity at the enamel surface. Nothing else can do this. Once PerioTherapy is blasted under the gumline it will have an “oxygenating” effect on the bacteria & prevent them from producing the sulfur compounds which started the whole process in the first place.

As Periodontal Disease progresses, bleeding and sloughing of oral tissue continues, providing a food source for the anaerobic bacteria to produce more sulfur compounds. It then becomes physically impossible to clean below the gum line. That’s where the HydroFloss comes in. To be used properly, we recommend one capful of TheraBreath Oral Rinse to be added to the water trough of the HydroFloss. The oxidizing effect of the TheraBreath formula destroys the bacteria’s ability to break down the proteins and create the sulfur compounds.

Here’s What Our Patients Say after using the HydroFloss as part of their Daily Routine

Dear Dr. Katz:

“Thanks so much for introducing me to the HydroFloss. I used to use Listerine for the past 3 years, and because I believed their commercials, I though it was doing some good, but I still tons of smelly plaque and my gums bled everytime I brushed. I also had a bad breath and sour taste problem when I came to see you in San Francisco last year. You so easily diagnosed my problem…it’s like you read my mind. Every morning I use your PerioTherapy with the Hydro Floss. I can ‘t function without it my PerioTherapy “fix”! As my new boyfriend tells me, “I can ‘t stop kissing you. ” This would never have happened without your help.”… D.L., San Mateo, CA

Dear Dr. Katz:

“I just want to let you know that using PerioTherapy with the HydroFloss has given me that same “tingly, fresh” feeling I used to have 25 years ago! I thought it would never come back!”… R.M., Chicago, IL

Dear Dr. Katz:

Why is it that my dentist cannot except the fact that he knows nothing about gum disease? All I heard from him and his hygienist was “brush and floss, brush and floss” – over and over! But my gums still bled so badly that the taste made me nauseous – and believe me I brushed and flossed 6 times a day – every time I finished eating I pulled out my dental floss! Luckily I found you when I saw you on TV. You can’t believe how much sense your products made to me. I threw away my Scope, Crest, and Binaca. Now I only use PerioTherapy 2-3 times a day and I use it with your HydroFloss in the morning. My gums don’t bleed anymore and listen to this – my dentist thinks I went to a gum specialist for gum surgery – that’s how impressed he is with my oral health! Could you please send him information on PerioTherapy and the HydroFloss. Now, he needs it more than me!… S.T., Brooklyn, NY

Here’s What Dentists and Periodontists (Gum Specialists) Say about the HydroFloss

“It may prove to be the premier dental discovery of the 20th Century”… W.R. DDS, Birmingham, AL

“…The periodontal exams every 3 months have resulted in ZERO Pathology” D.D. DMD, Lexington, KY

“The overall improvement has surpassed all our expectations!’…P. G. DDS, Elizabethton, TN

“Statistically significant improvement in cases of even extreme oral disease. ” D.S. DDS, Columbus, OH

This product can be obtained at http:// or by dialing 1-800-97-FRESH.

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