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Hey! The TheraBreath BONUS PAK Sale is over TODAY!

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

That’s right folks – You have less than 24 hours to take advantage of our Bonus Pak Sale and claim your $157 in FREE Bonus Products!

Once again, this BONUS PAK Sales event has topped all previous offers to become the biggest sale in our company history. If you have already taken advantage of the $157 BONUS we reserved for you, thanks for taking part in all the savings and helping the event be such a success!!!

But if you are one of the few who have not yet taken advantage of the largest discounts ever on our premium fresh breath and gum care formulas, you still have a few hours to do so. But hurry, as this sale will end at 11:59pm (Pacific Time) tonight and then all prices go back to normal.

Ordering one (or more!) of our bonus paks will save you 60% (or more!) on all of our extremely popular and effective products. Don’t run out of essentials like oral rinse or toothpaste – order in bulk during the BONUS PAK SALE, stock up, and save. These days every penny saved is a penny earned. Savings of 60%+ is a lot of earned pennies.

But remember, this terrific opportunity to save is almost over. After 11:59pm on Wednesday, the BONUS PAK SALE event will be over and our pricing returns to our regular, everyday unit pricing.

Today is your LAST DAY to take advantage of prices 60%+ below our regular retail prices

Or for personal help, call 800-973-7374 TODAY

Don’t wait – this is your last chance to save hundreds of Dollars!

P.S. We promise – this is your last sale reminder. Thanks for bearing with us through the frequent reminders, and thanks to all who have ordered for making this our biggest month in history.

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Your $157 Bonus Expires in a Few Days!

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Hi there!

We just wanted to post a quick reminder that the TheraBreath BONUS PAK SALE, our biggest sale of the year, is over after Presidents Day Weekend! When the sale is over, your free bonus worth up to $157 also expires.

If you have already taken this opportunity to stock up on TheraBreath Oral Care Products at up to 60% OFF regular retail prices then you can afford to ignore this reminder. But if you haven’t yet placed your order then please don’t put it off any longer. Inventory is running out fast and the sale is almost over - why not take a couple of minutes to check out your bonus offer and see what sale items are still available?

During the BONUS PAK SALE you receive:

a BONUS worth up to $157
with each BONUS PAK you order
NO SALES TAX on any order shipped outside California.

REMEMBER: Every Bonus Pak order saves 60% or more off the regular retail price.
Once this sale is over in just a few days our prices go back to regular retail!

Don’t pay full retail! Stock up now!

 Here are a few fun facts you may not know about TheraBreath:

• Thanks to customers like you TheraBreath is the fastest growing oral care brand in the world. Currently there are over 1 million people that use TheraBreath regularly!

• Our products are the only oral care products that a certified vegetarian, vegan, kosher, approved for use by diabetics, gluten free, and halal. You can be sure we are very careful about what we put in our products.

All of our products are custom formulated to Dental Professional standards and are used in many Dental Clinics. We do not provide special stronger formulations for Dentists as many brands do.

• TheraBreath products are recommended by the UCLA School of Dentistry, the International Symposium of Breath Odor Research, the Environmental Health Association of Canada and many other professional and scientific organizations.

TheraBreath products have recently won the Gold Medal of Taste from the American Masters of Taste – an organization of chefs that judges the quality of high end foods and beverages. TheraBreath is the only oral care brand to have received the medal.

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Your $157 Bonus is About to Expire. Don’t Forget to Claim it.

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Your $157 Bonus expires in less than ONE WEEK*.

I just wanted to post a quick reminder that the TheraBreath Bonus Pak Sale is over in less than seven days and when it is, your $157 BONUS for placing any Bonus Pak Order expires with it.

To recap – buying during this semi-annual event will save you as much as 60% off of our regular everyday prices. If you use TheraBreath on a regular basis, or if you’ve been looking for an opportunity to try our products for the first time to check out the benefits for yourself, now is the time to stock up and save! But hurry: You don’t have much time left for the biggest savings of the year.

Don’t forget – as part of any BONUS PAK ORDER you will receive a free BONUS PAK PACKAGE Worth as much as $157 and FREE SHIPPING on your entire order.

It takes just a few minutes to order and can save you hundreds of dollars. Don’t put it off. Do it today.

To Order By Phone Call 800-973-7374 from 8:00AM – 5:00PM PST, Monday – Friday

Yours in good health,

Dr Harold Katz
Founder, California Breath Clinics
Inventor, TheraBreath Oral Care Formulas

* This offer expires on Wednesday Feb. 22nd. Don’t forget to shop the sale before prices return to their regular retail prices.

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After the SuperBowl save Yourself Hundreds of Dollars!

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Did you enjoy the SuperBowl?

While you were barbequing and watching the game eating all that good stuff, you probably weren’t thinking about your breath…and maybe that was fine until the game was over. But don’t forget that afterwards you need to brush and rinse all that gunk out of your teeth or risk some serious halitosis (not to mention other oral care issues that can be much less easy to fix).

We thought this was a perfect time to remind you that our TheraBreath Bonus Pak Sale is on NOW.

You can save as much as 60% off TheraBreath, America’s favorite Fresh Breath Formula.

And, best of all, we have a $157 BONUS we will give you to spend any way you want on our website just for shopping our sale before it’s over. So if you lost a few bucks on the game, here is a quick way to make up for it. And if you happen to be a few dollars richer, here is a great way to spend it!

Just how good are the savings? Here’s an example :

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Oral Rinse:
Our Regular Price : $10.50
Bonus Pak Price: UNDER $6 (price too low to publish)

PLUS, receive FREE SHIPPING on every Bonus Pak Order
PLUS, receive up to $157 in COMPLIMENTARY ADDITIONAL MERCHANDISE for every Bonus Pak you purchase.

These savings won’t last so check out the sale before it is over!

To Order By Phone Call 800-973-7374 from 8:00AM – 5:00PM PST, Monday – Friday

Here are what real customers said about our last Bonus Pak Sale :

“The Bonus Pak Sale is by far the best prices I have seen on your products. We rely on TheraBreath so when I have a chance to buy a bunch and save a bunch, I take it. Thanks! – B. Jeanette (Hibbing, MN)

“Dear Dr. Katz : TheraBreath is something my husband and I use every day. Right now times are a bit tight, so getting a big discount for buying in bulk is a huge plus. And the extra freebies are terrific. You’ve got another very satisfied customer. – J. Lassiter (Reno, NV)

“Thumbs way up on the sale, folks! I got everything fast and it all worked like you said it would. A+” – C. Depupe (New Orleans, LA)

*Sale price of $6.10 includes using your $120 Free Item Bonus to get additional bottles of oral rinse.

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TheraBreath’s most popular sale is BACK for a short time!

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

The 1st BIG TheraBreath Sale of 2012 – THE BONUS PAK SALEbegins today!
Combined savings of up to 60% OFF PLUS FREE Shipping*!
Receive a FREE BONUS PACKAGE worth up to $157 for every BONUS PAK you order. Click here to shop now.

Our most popular sale of the year is our BONUS PAK SALE – and it starts NOW.

As many TheraBreath users know, the BONUS PAK SALE is the best time of the year to stock up on all of your favorite TheraBreath products. Combined savings of up to 60% OFF plus FREE Shipping make this an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Every day of the year our Bonus Paks are already terrific bargains, saving you substantially over the regular retail price of TheraBreath oral care products. But during the BONUS PAK SALE the deal gets much, much better Every Bonus Pak you buy gets you up to $157 in additional products absolutely FREE! Either take our pre-built package of terrific TheraBreath items worth $157 or pick your own items – it’s up to you. Either way, this is the best deal of the year on TheraBreath products, the best oral care products available.

There are many Bonus Paks for you to choose from featuring products that whiten teeth, freshen breath, fight gum disease, help boost your body’s defenses with probiotics, and more. And with an additional $157 in free products, you can try a variety of what we offer and stock up on TheraBreath for the whole family.

Don’t ignore your New Years resolutions! Place your order today and start the new year off right by taking great care of yourself and saving a lot of money.

To Order By Phone Call 800-973-7374 from 8:00AM – 5:00PM PST, Monday – Friday

*Free Shipping only applies within the US and Canada

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