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Monday, October 17th, 2011

SAVE up to 60% OFF our everyday retail prices!


FREE SHIPPING to the US and CANADA on every BONUS PAK order!


FREE BONUS worth up to $157 with every BONUS PAK order
Choose what you want or let us send you a selection of our best selling products!



When we announced our BONUS PAK SALE last Monday we had no idea it was going to be the biggest day TheraBreath ever had. Thousands more people visited to save on their favorite oral care products than ever before, many of them stocking up on our new TheraBreath PLUS Oral Rinse – our advanced formula made available for the very first time during this Bonus Pak Sale.

If you already took advantage of our lowest prices of the year with savings up to 60% off, we want to thank you for making this event such an amazing success. If you haven’t already had a chance  to get your order in, we urge you to do it now. Due to this overwhelming demand supplies are starting to already run short on some of our most popular products. Placing an order takes about 5 minutes and saves you a lot of money on the TheraBreath products you use every day. This is our last BONUS PAK SALE of the year so don’t miss it – these prices will be gone before you know it.

Browse the Bonus Pak Sale – Our inventory is shrinking fast!

* BONUS PAK items are available while in-stock only. There are no rain checks available. First come, first served.

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The Last TheraBreath Bonus Pak Sale of the Year Starts NOW!

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Announcing the LAST THERABREATH BONUS PAK SALE of the year


Major Update for Canadian Patients Ground Shipping is now FREE During this Bonus Pak Special!



As many TheraBreath users know, the BONUS PAK SALE is the best time of the year to stock up on all of your favorite TheraBreath products. Our Bonus Paks are already terrific bargains, saving you substantially over the regular retail price of TheraBreath Oral Care items. But during the BONUS PAK SALE the deal gets much, much better: For every Bonus Pak you buy we give you up to $157 in additional products absolutely FREE! Either take our pre-selected package of terrific TheraBreath items worth $157 or pick your own items – it’s up to you. Either  way, this is the best deal of the year on the best oral way to stop bad breath, dry mouth, canker sores, tonsil stones, and many other oral care issues. And all Bonus Paks ship free (in the US and Canada) – so you get a great deal AND don’t even need to pay for shipping. Check out these great
deals today!


We have some terrific news for everyone who uses our Extra Strength TheraBreath PLUS Oral Rinse – after ten years of research and
laboratory testing, we have improved  what many consider to be the most effective mouthwash available. We took  our already excellent TheraBreath PLUS rinse and boosted it with the power of Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Xylitol, and Natural Mint Oils to make it even more powerful and effective (and GREAT TASTING, TOO). You can read more about all of the terrific benefits here. Best of all, if you order one of the TheraBreath PLUS Bonus Paks during this sale you will be the FIRST to receive this NEW, SUPERCHARGED TheraBreath PLUS Oral Rinse formula. This new formula is a breakthrough in the treatment of bad breath and dry mouth. And, if you order during this  sale, you can get it FIRST and you can get it for 60% off.

The TheraBreath Semi-Annual Bonus Pak Sale

begins today!

Combined savings of up to 60% OFF

FREE Shipping

No sales tax (except California)

Receive a FREE BONUS PACKAGE worth up to $157 for every BONUS PAK
you order.

Shop the Bonus Pak Sale

P.S. Don’t put it off. Bonus Paks are limited to stock on hand and the PLUS formula is expected to sell out. It takes less than 5 minutes to place an order.

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Hey Did you Know the TheraBreath BONUS PAK Sale is over TODAY?!

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

That’s right! The TheraBreath Bonus Pak Sale is OVER in less than 24 HOURS!

Once again, this BONUS PAK SALE has topped all previous offers to become the biggest sale in our company history. If you have already taken advantage of the $157 BONUS we reserved for you, thanks for taking part in all the savings and helping the event be such a success!!!

But if you are one of the few who have not yet taken advantage of the largest discounts ever on our premium fresh breath and gum care formulas, you still have a few hours to do so. But hurry, as this sale will end at 11:59pm (Western Time) tonight and then all prices go back to normal.

Ordering one (or more!) of our bonus paks will save you 60% (or more!) on all of our extremely popular and effective products. Don’t run out of essentials like oral rinse or toothpaste – order in bulk during the BONUS PAK SALE, stock up, and save. These days every penny saved is a penny earned. Savings of 60%+ is a lot of earned pennies.

But remember, this terrific opportunity to save is almost over. After 11:59pm on Tuesday, the BONUS PAK SALE event will be over and our pricing returns to our regular, everyday unit pricing.

Today is your LAST DAY to take advantage of prices
up to 60% OFF our regular retail prices

Click here to order

Have questions or want to order by phone?
Call 800-973-7374 TODAY and mention code BPM11EM6

Don’t wait – this is your last chance to save hundreds of dollars!

P.S. We promise – this is your last sale reminder. Thanks for bearing with us through the frequent reminders, and thanks to all who have ordered for making this our biggest month in history.

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Have You Ever Heard of ‘Tonsil Stones’?

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Save up to 60% OFF our everyday prices for just a FEW MORE DAYS. Click here.

Tonsil stones can be pretty nerve-wracking and are very common, particularly if you still have your tonsils (and according to our latest survey over 80% of you still do). They are a ‘cheesy’ substance that is secreted in pockets of your tonsils and at the back of the throat and are the product of billions of bacteria that live back there. People who get tonsil stones can cough one up at any time and when they do it’s typically very disconcerting. It’s like coughing up a noxious smelling chunk of yellow goo.


If you’ve ever experienced one of these tonsil stones, have no fear. It’s really not a big deal – many people get them. While they are pretty gross and can make your breath extremely smelly (that’s to be expected with bacteria waste), tonsil stones are also very easy to deal with.


Our THERABREATH TONSIL STONES KITS work to attack the bacteria responsible for forming tonsil stones and, with regular use, will prevent them from reappearing. It’s very easy to use, has no unpleasant side effects, and will make your whole mouth taste, smell, and feel fresh and clean. If you have ever been embarrassed by those little smelly globs, I suggest you give one of our THERABREATH TONSIL STONES KITS a try. As always, all of our products come with an unconditional money back guarantee. If you don’t think the kit does everything we claim and puts a stop to your tonsil stones issue, just send it back for a complete refund.


Best of all, our TONSIL STONES KITS are among the things you can choose as your FREE BONUS during our THERABREATH BONUS PAK SALE. That’s right – you don’t even need to pay for tonsil stones treatment if you buy one of our BONUS PAKS during this sales event and select a kit as part of your bonus. How’s that for a great solution to a nagging problem AND a great deal as well?


Our BONUS PAK SALE is on now, so it’s a perfect time to stock upon TheraBreath Products while prices are incredibly low.

Save up to 60% OFF our everyday retail prices!
FREE U.S. SHIPPING on every BONUS PAK order!**
FREE BONUS worth up to $157 with every BONUS PAK order
Choose what you want or let us send you a selection of our best selling products!

Browse Bonus Paks Now – Our inventory is shrinking fast!

* BONUS PAK items are available while in-stock only. There are no rain checks available. First come, first served.** Free Shipping in the US Only

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REMINDER: 7 DAYS before your bonus expires

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

We just wanted to post a quick reminder that the TheraBreath BONUS PAK SALE, our biggest sale of the year, is over in one week. When the sale is over, your free bonus worth up to $157 also expires.

If you have already ordered then you can afford to ignore this reminder. But if you haven’t yet placed your order then please don’t put it off any longer. Inventory is running out fast and the sale is almost over - why not take a couple of minutes to check out your bonus offer and see what sale items are still available?

During the BONUS PAK SALE you receive:

a BONUS worth up to $157
with each BONUS PAK you order
on any order shipped outside California.

REMEMBER: Every Bonus Pak order saves 60% or more off the regular retail price.
Once this sale is over our prices go back to regular retail!

Don’t pay full retail! Stock up now!
1 (800) 973-7374 8am – 5pm PST
(mention code: BPM11EM4)

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