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Did you Celebrate National Beer Day?

Monday, August 19th, 2013

1209276_60041182On a hot summer day, there are few things better in life than an ice-cold, frosty brew. Whether it is in celebration, to relax or de-stress, hoppy beverages serve us in many ways August 5, was a chance to celebrate National Beer Day with a cold one or two, but we hope you didn’t forget about your oral health! Some health experts warn us against drinking too much beer because it can add to our waistline, but others praise moderate drinking for its heart-healthy benefits. Yes, you read that right – benefits. Follow these guidelines whenever you reach for a cold one (presuming you’re of age, of course!) to make sure that your oral health isn’t suffering while reaping the rewards of knocking back a few.

Keep your mouth in peak condition
There are so many varieties of beer with different flavors, levels of carbonation, hops, alcohol and ingredients, and some are worse than others for bad breath. The stronger the flavor, the more it’s going to linger on your breath. You’ve probably encountered someone who drank only one or two beers, but their breath smelled like they finished off a case. While the aroma of a sudsy mug may be pleasing to the nose, something unfortunate happens as it enters the body. There are a number of reasons why beer causes bad breath, such as the acetone and ethanol that are thrown into the mix.

Alcohol also dehydrates you, leaving little saliva in your mouth to wash away the volatile sulfur compounds that let out the stench. This is why you wake up the next morning with dry mouth and bad breath that can clear any room. You can’t hide that beer from anyone!


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