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Laser Treatment: Bad Breath Cure

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

laser treatment for bad breath

What’s another bad breath cure?  A scientist in Israeli has suggested using laser treatment to get rid of bad breath.  Allegedly, this 15-minute technique has worked on 53 patients with chronic halitosis

These patients were said to suffer from a form of bad breath that wafted from the tonsil region.  Generally, bad breath is caused by the buildup of anaerobic bacteria around the line of the gums and teeth.  These bacteria release a certain malodor, but in some cases, these bacteria can breed in the tonsil’s grooves. 

It is said that the laser treatment goes to the tonsil’s infected regions and creates scar tissue that seals the grooves, preventing bacteria from proliferating in those areas.  According to sources, more than half of the patients were cured with one laser treatment, and the others needed two or three laser treatments.

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