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Stars with Best White Teeth – Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, and Who Else?

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

So, who are the celebrities known for having the best teeth?  If you’ve heard the news lately, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt have topped the polls on “best looking teeth“.  Julia Roberts has been famous for her white teeth for years now.  Her smile is one of the most memorable in Hollywood, and after topping a recent survey for the best teeth among the stars, she still is ranked the star with the best smile according to most cosmetic dentists.  This makes up for the fact that she reportedly had bad breath from drinking too much coffee on movie sets.  Brad Pitt himself ranked #1 for best male celebrity smile in 2008, whereas David Beckham ranked second on that same list that year.

Who else has a great smile in Hollywood?  Halle Berry was voted the #1 female celebrity who had the best smile in 2006, according to the AACD.  Also, in 2006, surveys said that Mathew McConaughey had the best male celebrity smile.  Mathew had also stated that he had somewhat of an obsession with his teeth!  AACD chose Eva Mendes as the celebrity with the “most glamorous smile” in 2006-2007.  Will Smith and Anne Hathaway are generally near the top of the best smile lists.  Hilary Duff was voted by 40% of survey respondents for having the best smile among the teen stars.  Last but not least, the controversial Tiger Woods has been known to dominate the vote for the greatest smile among male athletes.
Source: California Dentist


David Beckham’s Bad Breath (and Fish Oil Pills…)

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

According to Pop Crunch, Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham) has been apprehensive about kissing her husband, David Beckham, because his bad breath turns her stomach.  Yes, even soccer star David Beckham has a flaw!

Apparently Star Magazine has found out that David started a new regimen of swallowing fish oil pills every day, and his friends have been complaining about the smell as well.  He takes two Go3 pills, full of fish oil, because he is the spokesperson for the company.  His picture even appears on the box, so he is obligated to take them despite how bad his breath becomes.

All in all, fish oil definitely has its benefits, but don’t be surprised if people start handing you breath mints left and right if you start taking them.