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Spring Is Here: New Products, New Stores, New Studies!

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

First of all, we’re proud to announce the following:

An article in the UK’s Daily Mail last week about bad breath entitled “How Mouthwash Can Give You Bad Breath and Stain Your Teeth” mentioned many of the studies I’ve been telling you about over the years including the study from the Australian Dental Society linking alcohol in mouthwash to oral cancer.

What was surprising in this article is that they finally corroborated what I’ve been saying about the dangers of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (the detergent everyone uses in toothpaste — except TheraBreath). Specifically, it says:

“Alcohol based mouthwash has also been linked to an increase risk in oral cancer. Scientists in a study published in The Dental Journal of Australia in 2009 reported that the alcohol in mouthwash allowed cancer causing substances to permeate the lining of the mouth more easily. Some ingredients in toothpaste such as the foaming agent sodium lauryl sulfate can interact with the fluoride in mouthwash and deactivate it so that it loses its effect.”

So as you can see, it literally washes away tons of good stuff, including the fluoride if you’ve previously rinsed with a fluoride mouthwash!

I knew from day 1, that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate was bad news, but the good news is that TheraBreath Toothpaste is and always has been Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and alcohol free! So make sure to visit one of the NEW stores listed above (or click here to find more stores near you), and if you don’t find TheraBreath products on the shelf at any of the stores above, please do me a favor and go talk to the store manager and ask them why not!

To celebrate the new retailers, new products at our current retailers, and the fact that TheraBreath toothpaste does everything we promise it will do, here are some coupons that you can use at any of these stores.

Yours in good oral health,

Harold Katz, DDS

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It’s Now Easier to Find TheraBreath in a Store Near You

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Get TheraBreath oral care products at even MORE retail stores!


This is just a short update to let you know about all the NEW Retail Stores that NOW CARRY TheraBreath Oral Care Products and EXISTING STORES that have EXPANDED THEIR SELECTIONS of TheraBreath Oral Care Products.

The chart below pretty much explains it all. Of course TheraBreath Oral Care Products can also still be found in all the existing stores where you usually shop. For a complete listing of TheraBreath retailers close to you just go to

Oh, one more thing — as a special “thank you” I’ve setup a VERY valuable $2.00 off coupon that you can use on ANY TheraBreath Oral Care Product (Oral Rinse, Toothpaste, ProBiotics, or Lozenges) at ANY retail store that carries TheraBreath. You can find a store in the chart below OR on our retail locator at

You can download your coupon at, BUT I URGE YOU TO HURRY. The coupon is only good until April 30th, 2011 so you have a LIMITED TIME to save a good bit of money on your favorite TheraBreath products at your favorite TheraBreath retailer.

Yours in good oral health,

Harold Katz, DDS

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