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Most Annoying Passengers Have Bad Breath and Body Odor, According to Skyscanner Survey

Monday, July 20th, 2009

As far as traveling goes, the passengers who got voted the most annoying according to a recent Skyscanner poll were those with bad breath and body odor.
The question posed was: “Who do you hate sitting next to most on the plane?”, and there were over 1,000 responses.

Most Annoying Passengers results were as follows:

19% – passengers with bad breath and body odor
15% – wailing baby
13% – hyperactive children
12% – big bodied people
10% – sneezers/sniffers
10% – rowdy stag/hen parties
8% – arm rest occupiers

Barry Smith, the co-founder and director of Skyscanner, said that “what really gets up air traveller’s noses is fellow passengers who smell bad. The message from Skyscanner is simple: take a shower and pack breath mints before boarding a flight if you want to stay on the good side of your fellow passengers.”

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Source: Travel Daily News

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