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International Study Broadens Benefits of BLIS K12 Probiotics

Monday, May 14th, 2012

TheraBreath’s own BLIS K12 probiotics got a bit of a boost this year, as a recently published study has confirmed that the specialty breath freshener has even more benefits than once thought. The report found that this particular brand of probiotic treatment may prevent oral candidiasis by keeping its pathogens from sticking to the walls of the mouth.

Not bad for a product that already modifies the flora of the mouth, eliminates bad bacteria, neutralizes bad breath and leaves the mouth smelling sweet!

What can’t probiotics do?

This latest investigation was conducted by researchers from Canada, Japan and New Zealand. The results – which appeared in the January issue of the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology – indicated that BLIS K12 probiotics keep yeast from taking hold in the mouth.

Oral candidiasis, also known as thrush, is a painful condition caused by a fungal infection of the mouth. This disorder is pretty easy to notice: Besides causing rank bad breath, thrush also leaves the tongue coated in a startling shade of white. Many people with the condition appear to have a mouthful of cottage cheese.


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BLIS Probiotics Treat Bad Breath with an Army of Healthy Bacteria

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

If you’ve been wondering about the future of bad breath treatment, then look no further than TheraBreath’s BLIS Probiotics. These cutting-edge halitosis
therapies do what no other breath freshener can, which is to naturally limit your mouth’s ability to produce bad breath.

How do they do it? The key is a pair of carefully cultivated microbial strains that  gradually force odor-causing bacteria out of your mouth. This makes our probiotics the next generation in halitosis-fighting technology.

Here’s how it works.

Your mouth is brimming with bacteria, many of which are essentially harmless. According to the latest scientific estimates, you have more than 600 different species of microorganisms in your mouth, accounting for billions of individual bacteria.

A few of these species are real stinkers. Called anaerobic bacteria, they thrive in a
relatively dry environment. When your mouth gets parched, these microbes go to
town on the food particles on your tongue and between your teeth. They emit the
odor molecules that give halitosis its bad smell, and they also contribute to cavities and gum disease.

Here’s where BLIS Probiotics come in handy. Our probiotics products contain two healthy strains of bacteria, called Streptococcus salivarius M12 and K18. These species do two things that naturally limit your bad breath.


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Having Fresh Breath Doesn’t Have to Cost a Bundle

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

If you are afflicted with bad breath, you may be willing to go to any length and spend any amount of money to fix it. However, having fresh breath doesn’t have to break the bank. Women’s Health published a list of fresh breath tips that won’t hurt your wallet. Most of them were fairly obvious and we are always suggesting the same solutions: brushing, flossing and rinsing with an alcohol-free mouthwash at least twice daily along with cleaning your tongue along with your teeth and the interior of your mouth.

The magazine did also include tips such as chewing sugar-free gum (to avoid dry mouth), eating a carbohydrate-heavy diet and drinking unsweetened tea. These suggestions might help reduce oral odor caused by the VSCs that thrive in your mouth and compounds in your blood stream.

Along with these helpful tips, we’d also like to suggest trying a sugar-free mint if gum isn’t your thing. Also, be sure to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water each day. If you want to be proactive about the health of your mouth (and the smell of your breath) we’d like to suggest trying our Multi Symptom Probiotics which can introduce healthy and helpful bacteria into your oral cavity and thus fight of the odor causing bugs. It’s also important to see your dentist regularly to prevent any problems that could get expensive to treat.

Regardless of how much money you make, fresh breath doesn’t have to be something you can’t afford. Just make sure you choose the best products for the health of your breath and mouth and it will save you a bunch of dental bills in the long run.

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The Latest TheraBreath Blog Reviews and Giveaways

Friday, May 27th, 2011

Coolestmommy’s Coolest Thoughts has a really great Lozenges story in her TheraBreath review and giveaway. She writes, “I’ve been battling a sinus infection off and on since February. One symptom I have is lots and lots of coughing. I’m so sick of cough drops I could gag on them. I started using the Mouth Wetting Lozenges in lieu of cough drops off and on during the day. It was nice to have a decent flavor, know I was wetting my mouth and throat and still fighting off the incredibly bad breath being caused by the infection. While it didn’t always stop my cough (not what they are designed to do), it was just nice to have something other than a cough drop in my mouth.” But that’s not all, head over to her blog by clicking here to get the full details on this Coolest Mommy’s thoughts about TheraBreath. She’s also hosting a giveaway for one full size bottle of our oral rinse – completely free!

Spoiler Alert! Diary of a Mystery Shopping Teacher is a fan of all of the TheraBreath products she has tried, and she discusses it in her newest review and giveaway, featuring our new Multi Symptom Probiotics. “I love TheraBreath’s products. Everything that I’ve tried has made me feel more confident about having fresh breath. I am a customer of TheraBreath even though that means that I have to pay for it :). As a couponer, I usually don’t pay for oral care products but these are way worth it to me.” If that isn’t a good testimonial, we don’t know what is! But that’s not all she has to say, so please stop by and read her review and enter her giveaway here.

Totally Temberton has posted its TheraBreath Review and Giveaway. This busy mom has used three of our products: TheraBreath Oral Rinse, Toothpaste and TheraBreath’s Mouth-Wetting Lozenges for several months now. At first, this blogger admits she wasn’t using the products as directed. “For the first month or so, I used TheraBreath sporadically. But, then I “smartened up” and made it a vital part of my daily routine.” She know uses two of the products regularly, click here to find out which one she doesn’t and why (the answer may surprise you). Along with her thoughts on testing the products, her review (and giveaway) also discusses her take on the flavor and price of our products. It’s definitely worth a read.

Are you a blogger located in the United States and interested in reviewing TheraBreath products?  Just go to and fill out the form to let us know. Please note, we do not pay for reviews but will send the products to try at no cost.

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The Latest TheraBreath Blog Reviews and Giveaways

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Inspired Langley explains the science behind our Multi Symptom Probiotics. “First I would like to let you in on a few facts about Probiotic Treatment. Scientific research has proven that a healthy level of ‘good’ bacteria in the body can be very beneficial. Naturally we all have this ‘good’ bacteria helping us in many bodily functions. We all have different levels of this bacteria and the lower level people seem to be more susceptible to various illnesses. So let’s crank the level of ‘good’ bacteria right? Right.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Stop by her review and giveaway here to read the rest of her thoughts (it’s super thorough and helpful) and enter for a chance to win some TheraBreath of your own.

Locomotion of Expressions is proudly hosting a TheraBreath Lozenge giveaway – you just need to answer one trivia question to enter! Go here to get more details. On top of her giveaway, she also reviewed our Multi Symptom Probiotics. Casey discusses the informational brochure that comes with our probiotics kit. It’s true, it is technical and full of very useful science. She’s done the work for you and written up her own take on the information in “laymans terms” so if you’re looking for a sneak peak or a different translation of our information, pay Locomotion of Expressions a visit.

Cinny BBS is the proud owner of Whirlwind of Surprises. She has posted her first TherBreath review and giveaway. She gives her thoughts on our TheraBreath Oral Rinse, Toothpaste and TheraBreath’s Mouth-Wetting Lozenges. Our timing couldn’t have been more perfect! “A couple years back, I had a really bad problem with my breath but the worst part was that I really had no clue that it was going on. To me, everything was normal. It wasn’t until my family noticed and said something that I realized how bad it was. ..It turns out I had chronic sinusitis so once that was treated, my bad breath went away. However, recently, I wasn’t feeling so hot and that bad breath started coming back again. This ended up being perfect timing when TheraBreath initiated contact with me and was wonderful about doing a review for them.” Did we help Cinny BBS out? Or was her skepticism justified? Go here to find out.


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