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Dr. Katz Will Be On ‘Fox and Friends’ To Talk About Bad Breath

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

fox news

On Dec. 18, 2009 at 8:50 AM PST, Dr. Katz is going to be LIVE on the TV show ‘Fox and Friends’ to talk about bad foods (the ones most likely to cause halitosis) during the Holidays. On Dec. 18 at 9 AM PST, Dr. Katz will also be on their online program to talk about good foods (foods less likely to cause bad breath) for the holidays.  Check it out on:

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Gingivitis (a Major Cause of Bad Breath) May Be Genetic

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009


More people than you may think have gingivitis–up to half of the U.S. population.  Some people do not even realize that they have it, and they might have common symptoms like bad breath, and/or swollen, red and bleeding gums.  Gingivitis can cause complications like heart disease, pre-term birth, and diabetes if it is not treated.  Most of the time, people think it is caused by a lack of proper oral hygiene or the hormonal changes that occur during a woman’s pregnancy (pregnancy gingivitis). 

A new study, on the other hand, shows that genetics actually can play a major part in the onset and healing of gum disease.  The goal of this study was to pinpoint various changes on a molecular level during the onset and healing processes of the disease.  Research showed that ~30% of the human body’s genes are expressed differently during the formation and healing of gingivitis.  How one reacts to gingivitis depends greatly on how the body’s immune system is activated.  The findings of the study enabled scientists to identify certain biological pathways activated by the onset and remediation of gingivitis, including energy metabolism, immunity response, neural processes, vasculature, chemotaxis, steroid metabolism and wound healing.  The information gathered from this study should certainly help scientists and doctors come up with better cures for gingivitis.


Stars with Best White Teeth – Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, and Who Else?

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

So, who are the celebrities known for having the best teeth?  If you’ve heard the news lately, Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt have topped the polls on “best looking teeth“.  Julia Roberts has been famous for her white teeth for years now.  Her smile is one of the most memorable in Hollywood, and after topping a recent survey for the best teeth among the stars, she still is ranked the star with the best smile according to most cosmetic dentists.  This makes up for the fact that she reportedly had bad breath from drinking too much coffee on movie sets.  Brad Pitt himself ranked #1 for best male celebrity smile in 2008, whereas David Beckham ranked second on that same list that year.

Who else has a great smile in Hollywood?  Halle Berry was voted the #1 female celebrity who had the best smile in 2006, according to the AACD.  Also, in 2006, surveys said that Mathew McConaughey had the best male celebrity smile.  Mathew had also stated that he had somewhat of an obsession with his teeth!  AACD chose Eva Mendes as the celebrity with the “most glamorous smile” in 2006-2007.  Will Smith and Anne Hathaway are generally near the top of the best smile lists.  Hilary Duff was voted by 40% of survey respondents for having the best smile among the teen stars.  Last but not least, the controversial Tiger Woods has been known to dominate the vote for the greatest smile among male athletes.
Source: California Dentist


Bad Breath Blow Gun Fights Monsters at Fair

Friday, November 20th, 2009

bad breath blow gun

At a Japanese fair, there were many new wacky inventions — some of them useful, some of them fun.  The fair showcased futuristic gaming, arts, medical technologies and more.  The crowd got to see things like: a monster-slaying bad breath blow gun, a navigation-aid helmet that steers people by pulling their ears, and a rain-simulating “funbrella”.

Instead of using bullets, darts, or lasers to shoot at their enemies, the players of the games boosted the power of their bad breath by eating snacks and drinking beverages to make their breath more smelly.  The players would then blast “stinky bad breath balls” at the video game screen to kill their monster adversaries.  This is one of the few cases where people may not shun you for bad breath–instead, you could become a neighborhood hero.

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Don’t go down in history as the BAD BREATH bandit – use TheraBreath before you commit a crime

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Give this guy a breath mint before you put him in the jail cell!  A 19-year-old man by the name of Tommy Dobson robbed a TD Bank in Tamarac.  He walked up to a bank teller, handed her a Halloween-themed bag and asked her for money.  He was identified by his tattoo, “Wifey”, on the surveillance tapes.  The teller reported that the man had no gun, but horrible halitosis.  Dobson was charged with robbery and resisting arrest without violence.  With that said, if you’re going to be criminal, practice good oral hygiene or become notorious as the “Bad Breath Bank Bandit“!

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