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Find out if you have Halitosis before Someone else tells you

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Does anyone in your family have bad breath? Why not turn it into a game? That’s what the Thompson family recently did, the stars of the reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, which airs on TLC. The show follows a southern family and their precocious beauty queen daughter as they engage in such activities as mud wrestling and dumpster diving.

On a recent episode, the family decided to play a game revolving around halitosis, according to the Wall Street Journal. The game, called “guess whose breath” involved a family member being blindfolded, and everyone taking turns breathing into their face. In the end, everyone ended up laughing hysterically over the fact that the entire family appears to suffer from horrendous bad breath.

While having your family members smell your breath is one way to determine whether you have halitosis, there are certainly easier (and less disgusting) ways to tell if someone has oral odor.

Know your breath

The smells of our own bodies tend to blend in with all of the smells around us, which means that it’s likely that other people will notice if you have halitosis before you do. This is why it’s important to use alcohol-free mouthwashes, practice proper oral hygiene techniques and know how to test your breath so you can avoid the embarrassment of having someone tell you that your breath smells.  (more…)

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Product tells You if Your Breath is less than Fresh

Friday, September 14th, 2012

So here’s the scenario: You’re out on a first date, the end of the night is approaching and the time has come for a good night kiss. Suddenly, you remember all of that garlic you had on your pasta or the onions on your pizza, and you become worried that you might have bad breath. Surveys have shown that halitosis is one of the main romantic turn-offs, and if you have strong oral odor you may find yourself without an invitation for a second date.

Luckily, there are many things that can help cure this problem before it ruins your night, such as alcohol-free mouthwash and specialty breath fresheners. Also, there is a new tool that may help you evaluate the state of your breath during your date. Now available on the market is a portable “bad breath tester” that can be carried in a purse or backpack and can inform you of an impending danger.

Rating bad breath

The small device has holes on the top that you can breathe into. A digital screen will then give you a reading of zero to four, depending on the severity of your halitosis. According to the Daily Mail, the tool costs about 20 British pounds, which equals about $32 in the U.S.


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Dr. Katz asks Ontarians to say ‘Ahhhh’

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Whether he’s in his world-renowned breath clinics or on the road, our very own Dr. Katz has made it his mission to spread the word about bad breath prevention. Recently, his travels took him to southwest Ontario, where he used a halimeter and a headful of knowledge about halitosis to teach customers at the Covent Garden Market about bad breath.

As reported by the London Free Press, his method is simple: He uses standardized instrumentation (and a little bit of humor) to measure a person’s level of oral odor. And if you think that simply huffing into your hands and taking a sniff will work, think again.

Dr. Katz told the news source that this age-old technique may seem effective, but really it’s little more than an (admittedly excellent) way to smell your hand.

If want an accurate idea of how your breath smells, Dr. Katz recommends something a little more scientific: the halimeter. He started using the device in 1994 as a way to accurately measure his daughter’s oral odor. Very quickly, Dr. Katz found that this tool is the ideal method for measuring halitosis.


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Free Clinical Breath Test at the L.A. Office on December 2nd. Free Samples Included!

Monday, November 28th, 2011



I wanted to let you know about a special FREE opportunity happening on Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles at my brother’s dental office.

We’re doing a FREE Clinical Breath Test and giving out FREE samples to anyone
who stops by. It only takes a couple of minutes and you will know for sure how your breath fares on the Halimeter (the ONLY device in the world that tests your breath precisely and accurately). Plus, you’ll be able to ask any questions you want as well. Please see below for details.

I hope to see you there!

Harold Katz, DDS
TheraBreath creator and bad breath expert

Click here for more details

or Call: 1-800-97-FRESH


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Dr. Katz on ‘Bad Breath’ – Radio Interviews

Friday, February 12th, 2010

dr. harold katz

Do you wonder if you have chronic bad breath?  Do you want some guidance? Be prepared for Valentine’s Day and practice good oral hygiene!

You can listen Dr. Katz debunk some bad breath myths and talk about his halitosis research and experiences on KABC with Mark and Brian. Click here to listen.

CHNI-FM Radio interview
Eddie Tracy Show Radio interview

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