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valentines day deal

Hi there,

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re definitely feeling the love here at TheraBreath with so many of you taking advantage of our 14% off and order of $25 or more (or as we simply call it: the Valentine’s Day deal).

Haven’t taken us up on our offer yet? Since we’re romantics, and we really like you, we’re willing to give this relationship one more shot by reminding you that you still have all day today (until 11:59 PST) to save – but then it’s over. Make sure to stock up and enter coupon code ALUV4 at checkout.

We’ll even help you out on your hot date tonight. Want some interesting dinner conversation? Be sure to read about the history and science of kissing and bad breath written by Dr. Katz the Bad Breath Guru. You’ll definitely score some knowledge points and since you use TheraBreath, you won’t have to worry about your breath while you’re telling that special someone.

Wishing you fresh breath and love,


* Order value, not including shipping costs and sales tax (where applicable), must be US$25.00 or more to receive discount. Offer valid on orders shipped to the US and Canada only. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer valid on orders placed from 12:00am PST February 10, 2014, to 11:59pm PST February 14, 2014.

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