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Who Knew I’d be a Bit of a YouTube Hit?

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Hi, it’s Dr. Katz.

When I posted my first YouTube video explaining the ins and outs of a TheraBreath Bonus Pak Sale, I really didn’t know if anyone would watch it. I had heard from Amy our customer service manager that some people were a little confused about how the sale worked. I have to agree — the Bonus Pak Sales Event can be a little confusing…but with savings of 60% or more it is definitely worth figuring out.

So the marketing guy and I whipped up a little video to help explain how much money you could save (to recap, it’s a lot — over 60%!) and put it up for the world to see.

Well, it looks like people really did watch it. In the first two days, hundreds of people actually sat through 2 minutes of me talking about a sale on mouthwash! It didn’t take too long for me to figure out that I have a lot of customers on YouTube and that this is a great way to educate them about all the great things I have learned about breath care over the years. While some of this medical stuff sounds complicated on paper, I’ve always been very good at explaining things simply to my patients. YouTube is a great way for me to talk to my on-line customers in that same way.

I spent the last few days shooting a series of short, informative videos on all sorts of oral care related questions that we will be putting on YouTube in the coming weeks. I will answer questions like ‘what does it mean when my tongue is white?’ , ‘where does bad breath come from?’ and the ever-popular ‘do I really need to use a tongue-scraper?’ (short answer to that last one is no… but you’ll have to watch the video to find out why)

My first Q&A video called ‘What is bad breath?’ is available now at YouTube by watching here.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch me talk about the Bonus Pak Sales Event, that video is here.


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Buy Now, Pay Later During Our Biggest Sale of the Year

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

This is a quick reminder that time is running out on the THERABREATH BONUS PAK SALE. Now is a great time to save up to 60% off on our wide variety of fresh breath, gum health, and oral care formulas. But don’t wait – this sale ends soon.

bonus pak sale 1213

Combined savings of up to 60% OFF PLUS FREE Shipping

Order any BONUS PAK during this event
worth up to $175 for every BONUS PAK you order.

Check out the savings before they are over


Do you want to stock up on TheraBreath during the Bonus Pak Sale but need to stretch your cash over the holidays?

PayPal now offers a BILL ME LATER option for TheraBreath Bonus Pak purchases! If you are a PayPal customer, you can now use their BILL ME LATER service to buy TheraBreath today at these amazing prices and wait to pay until it is more convenient.

Just use PAYPAL when you check out and select BILL ME LATER*.

For personal help, call 1-800-973-7374 TODAY and mention code BPKDEC13E2
(Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm PST)

 * The BILL ME LATER program is offered by PAYPAL and is not affiliated with Eligibility for financing requires a PAYPAL account that has been approved for BILL ME LATER by PAYPAL.COM
† $25 additional surcharge per Bonus Pak on orders shipped to Mexico.
BONUS PAK items are available while in-stock only. There are no rain checks available. First come, first served.
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Educating Parents to Improve Kids’ Oral Health

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

tooth-decay-bad-breathTo improve children’s oral health and keep them active in the classroom, education for parents may be the first step. From the early 1970s to the 1990s, the amount of cavities in the baby teeth of children ages 2 to 11 declined, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. However, in their latest study, that trend flipped. A small yet significant rise in tooth decay showed that 42 percent of kids have some form of cavity or dental caries. That’s about 21 million American children.

Education starts at home, where parents are lifelong teachers. Since day one, we learn from what our parents do, how they treat others and how they take care of themselves. You are your kids’ learning models. The attitudes you maintain about oral health inspire theirs and can steer them to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Even if your kid seems to rebel against you sometimes, little Johnny or Sara will take after you more than you realize.

After all, tooth decay in primary teeth has hefty implications on dental health later in life.

“We do know from a number of studies that when children have tooth decay in their baby teeth, they tend to have decay later in their adult teeth,” lead researcher Bruce Dye of the National Center of Health Statistics at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told ABC News.

Encourage your children to eat nutritious meals and avoid frequent snacking. If you pack his or her lunch for school, make sure to throw in an apple, banana or some other fruit. Teach them from a young age to develop good habits for flossing and brushing. Dentists recommend that adults and kids floss once a day. Interestingly enough, it has been shown that flossing before brushing is more likely to develop into a habit. Why? Often after we finish with the toothbrush we feel like our mouths are sufficiently clean, so we postpone using the thread until tomorrow … or sometimes next month. Always floss before brushing!


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The TheraBreath Bonus Pak Sale Starts Now (and Ends Very Soon)

Monday, December 2nd, 2013


Hi there -

The TheraBreath Bonus Pak Sale takes place a few times every year and is by far our most popular savings event. During the Bonus Pak Sale you can save 60% OFF on our quality fresh breath, gum health, or dry mouth products.

Buy any of our TheraBreath Bonus Paks, save BIG, and get FREE SHIPPING*

Our Bonus Paks are designed to save you money on the TheraBreath products you use the most. Bonus Pak A has all the regular strength TheraBreath products many people rely on to keep their breath their freshest. Bonus Pak C has our powerful extra strength TheraBreath PLUS breath freshening formulas. Bonus Pak E features our PerioTherapy Gum Health products. Our newest Bonus Pak L includes a selection of our advanced Probiotic products designed to maintain an optimum level of oral health.

PLUS, Get a FREE BONUS worth up to $175 with EVERY Bonus Pak purchase

Every Bonus Pak purchased during the TheraBreath Bonus Pak Sale gets a huge additional FREE BONUS. It’s your choice what you get for free: You can choose to either take $175 worth of TheraBreath Products we have selected or to choose up to $117 in products yourself. Either way, you are getting a huge additional value absolutely free. This amazing FREE BONUS only happens during the TheraBreath Bonus Pak Sale.

Make sure you don’t miss this chance to save up to 60% on everything you need for oral health from TheraBreath. Shop our Bonus Pak Sale now.

P.S.: We have been offering these types of savings events less and less frequently as TheraBreath continues to grow as a brand – we are just swamped keeping up with demand. Don’t wait to take advantage of this offer, as it may not be back around again soon.

For personal help, call 1-800-973-7374 TODAY
and mention code BPKDEC13E1
(Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm PST)

* $25 additional surcharge per Bonus Pak on orders shipped to Mexico.
† BONUS PAK items are available while in-stock only. There are no rain checks available. First come, first served.

Here are what real customers said about our last Bonus Pak Sale:

“The Bonus Pak Sale is by far the best prices I have seen on your products. We rely on TheraBreath so when I have a chance to buy a bunch and save a bunch, I take it. Thanks! – B. Jeanette (Hibbing, MN)

“Dear Dr. Katz: TheraBreath is something my husband and I use every day. Right now times are a bit tight, so getting a big discount for buying in bulk is a huge plus. And the extra freebies are terrific. You’ve got another very satisfied customer. – J. Lassiter (Reno, NV)

“Thumbs way up on the sale, folks! I got everything fast and it all worked like you said it would. A+” – C. Depupe (New Orleans, LA)

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