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The TheraBreath Year End Bonus Pak Sale ends TODAY!

Monday, December 30th, 2013

The TheraBreath Bonus Pak Sale ends TODAY!

For five years in a row, this BONUS PAK Sales event has topped all previous offers to become the biggest sale in our company history. If you have already taken advantage of the $175 BONUS we are offering to anyone buying a Bonus Pak during the sale, thanks for making the event such a success!

If you haven’t yet claimed your bonus, you better hurry! This sale will end at 11:59pm (Pacific Time) tonight. After that, our regular everyday prices are back.

Ordering one (or more!) of our bonus paks will save you 60% (or more!) on all of our extremely popular and effective products. Don’t run out of essentials like TheraBreath oral rinse or toothpaste — order in bulk during the BONUS PAK SALE, stock up, and save.

These days every penny saved is a penny earned. Savings of 60%+ is a lot of earned pennies.

But remember, this terrific opportunity to save is almost over. After 11:59pm on Monday, the BONUS PAK SALE event will be over and our pricing returns to our regular, everyday unit pricing.

Today is your LAST DAY to take advantage of prices 60%+ below our regular retail prices and get FREE SHIPPING on your ENTIRE ORDER

Or for personal help, call 1-800-973-7374 TODAY and use your discount code: BPKDEC13E7

Don’t wait — this is your last chance to save hundreds of dollars!

P.S. We promise – this is your last sale reminder. Thanks for bearing with us through the frequent reminders and have a terrific 2014.


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Did you smell something funny on Christmas Eve?

Friday, December 27th, 2013

The TheraBreath Bonus Pak Sale ends this weekend. Don’t forget to claim your bonus worth up to $175 with any Bonus Pak purchase. more >>>

Did you smell something funny on Christmas Eve?

If old Saint Nick really did drink a couple of million glasses of milk late Tuesday night and ate all of those cookies, his breath is really gross. Lets not even talk about what digesting all that lactose has done to his other bodily emissions.

Milk proteins feed bad breath bacteria. You don’t even need to drink it. Mashed potatoes, Mac and Cheese, and Chocolate Pudding all have enough dairy to kick halitosis into overdrive. So watch out as you are going through all those Christmas leftovers, and make sure to brush and rinse with TheraBreath Toothpaste and Oral Rinse before you breathe on any of your elves.

Happy Holidays! :)

PS: Prices on TheraBreath products during our Bonus Pak Sale can’t be beat by anyone, in stores or on-line. Check out the $175 bonus that comes with every Bonus Pak purchase! If you have never shopped this sale, take a quick look at prices that are LOWER THAN WHOLESALE… more >>>

* $25 additional surcharge per Bonus Pak on orders shipped to Mexico.

† BONUS PAK items are available while in-stock only. There are no rain checks available. First come, first served.

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Holiday wishes and an important reminder

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

Happy Holidays from all of us at TheraBreath

Happy Holidays from Dr. Katz and everyone here at TheraBreath. May the peace and joy of the season fill your home and heart, and may next year bring you everything you dream and wish for.

From our families to yours — We hope your holidays are full of fun, food, family, friends, and fresh breath!

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Our Bonus Pak Sale (with savings of 60% or more off our regular prices) ends VERY SOON. Don’t forget to stock up on TheraBreath products during our last big Bonus Pak Sale of the year before prices go back up. Stock is limited to supply on hand and some items will sell out.

* $25 additional surcharge per Bonus Pak on orders shipped to Mexico.
† BONUS PAK items are available while in-stock only. There are no rain checks available. First come, first served.

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Important information for cold and flu season

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Important health tip from Dr Harold Katz: Maintain strong immunity defenses – Avoid dry mouth during cold and flu season

Everyone gets dry mouth from time to time. Dry mouth can be caused by a variety of medications, due to smoking or drinking alcohol, sleep apnea, etc. It’s not only unpleasant. It is also really bad for your health.

Your saliva is in your mouth for a variety of reasons. One of the most important is preventing germs from entering your body. Most germs enter your system through your nose and mouth. Outside of a cut, there are very few paths germs can take to gain entrance to your system.

When your mouth is producing a healthy level of saliva, the environment is inhospitable to most hostile germs. But when your mouth is dry, germs can find it much easier to infect your body as your primary means of defense is out of order. This is particularly worrisome during cold and flu season – when we are all indoors, sharing air with others, and germs are rampant.

Stay healthy this winter and keep your defenses up. Make sure your mouth stays moist. Avoid dry mouth with these 5 quick tips from your friendly Dentist.

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Holiday Halitosis? Figure Out the Causes and Cures

Monday, December 16th, 2013


‘Tis the season for Christmas carols, reindeer, in-laws and bad breath. That’s right, with the all of the exciting festivities, many folks get stressed out decorating, finalizing travel plans and setting the table for your spouse’s parents. But while a little anxiousness is normal – and may help you complete your shopping list – too much can be bad for your overall and oral health. Here’s how it works: 

The saliva in your mouth acts as a natural cleansing agent, washing down food particles and bacteria. On average, we produce 1.5 liters of saliva throughout the day. However, when we feel stressed, that amount falls sharply, leaving our mouths as dry as your aunt’s over-roasted turkey. As a result, odor-causing bacteria builds up along gum​ lines and teeth, triggering holiday halitosis.

Top causes for stress and bad breath
• Once you leave the cookies and milk out for Santa Claus, be sure not to dawdle around munching all night long. Excess snacking often takes hold of us during the holiday season, and while some is not going to kill you, it makes you more prone to cavities and dental plaque. Grazing on roasted turkey, candy canes and gingerbread men doesn’t give saliva a chance to wash out harmful bacteria. The longer sugars hang on teeth, the more time they have to wear down enamel. Stay on Santa’s good side, and prevent yourself from leaving behind only cookie crumbs.

• Yes, Black Friday is over, but your shopping list may be far from done. If you want to crush your competition in Secret Santa while picking up all the presents that little Sandy and Johnny dream of under the Christmas tree, be proactive. Get your holiday shopping done sooner rather than later. As you know from years past, waiting until the last minute not only leaves you more stressed, it drops the likelihood that your gifts remain in stock. You don’t want your holiday spirit to fall like a weighed-down red sleigh that can’t fly over roof tops. Avoid stress by beating the crowds and stinky breath. (more…)

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