Don’t Get Stressed Out, Your Oral Hygiene will Thank You

iStock_000008179465MediumOral hygiene is important, but experts say you shouldn’t stress about it! Going to the dentist can cause anxiety and stress for many people, but it’s still incredibly important to get a cleaning twice a year. At the same rate, research has shown the correlation between oral hygiene and good heart health. So whether you’re stressing out at the office, or get anxious just thinking about going to the dentist, take a deep breath and realize it could be affecting both the wellbeing of your mouth and your entire body.

Chill out in the chair
No one likes going to the doctor or dentist, but you’ll probably feel much better after you leave. Most people have negative thoughts toward the industry; however, technological advancements are making the experience much more enjoyable. From personal televisions at every chair to procedures that cause less pain, cavity treatments aren’t a big, bad scary thing anymore. However, preventing them can ease even more anxiety.

By regularly going to the dentist, you can decrease your chances of needing cavity treatments altogether because the hygienist will scrape away built up plaque and tartar that cause tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, these trips can keep your heart in better condition.

“The relationship between oral health and systemic health is becoming a growing concern of the general public,” Dentist Jack Elder said. “But dentistry can make a major contribution if the right dentist is chosen.”

Research has found gum disease to show the biggest link to heart disease compared with other oral health ailments. Otherwise called periodontal disease, inflammation of the gums is caused by the overall unhealthiness of the mouth. It all depends on what you eat, your daily oral hygiene routine and the regularity that you visit the dentist.

When dental plaque builds up around the gum line, it can cause a gap between the tooth and gums. This provides a pathway for the anaerobic bacteria in your mouth to travel into the bloodstream. If your gums are bleeding, this is a sure sign that it’s necessary to take extra measures to improve the wellbeing of your mouth.

Begin by making sure you are brushing, rinsing and flossing twice a day. When you are dealing with gum disease, it’s extra important to floss. This will get the dental plaque that has been building up along the gum line and break it up so that the area can heal properly.

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