TheraBreath’s biggest sale EVER has less than 10 days left!

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Hi there,

Our BONUS PAK SALE has started off with a bang and is now underway. Usually we give you 3 weeks to get your orders in, but this time around we had to shorten it to TWO WEEKS ONLY (until Monday, July 22nd). We have a full staff of patient care representatives available to take your orders, answer any questions you may have, and get your Bonus Pak + FREE BONUSES shipped out to you as soon as possible.

Our most POPULAR Bonus Paks are Bonus Pak A (TheraBreath Regular) and Bonus Pak C bonus pak m(TheraBreath PLUS), but this time around we added a NEW Bonus Pak – Bonus Pak M – it’s the same TheraBreath Regular Rinse formula, but we added a blast of menthol and Xylitol to create a Brand
New Invigorating Icy Mint Flavor.
Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, in fact it’s the only Rinse that some of our own employees will now use!  Even if you choose not to get Bonus Pak M, make sure you select a bottle of the Icy Mint Rinse as one of your FREE Items – we think you’ll soon be hooked.

If you already took advantage of our lowest prices of the year, we want to thank you for making this event such an amazing success. If you haven’t already had a chance to get your order in, we urge you to do it now. Due to the overwhelming demand, inventory is already running short on some of our most popular products. Placing an order takes about 5 minutes and saves you a lot of money on the TheraBreath products you use every day.

Order Your Bonus Pak Now – Our inventory is shrinking fast!

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* $25 additional surcharge per Bonus Pak on orders shipped to Mexico.
† BONUS PAK items are available while in-stock only. There are no rain checks available. First come, first served.

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