Taking a Hint: Knowing You Have Bad Breath by Others’ Reactions

ss-tellafriendDo you ever notice people shying away from you while you’re having a conversation? Could it be that you’re suffering from bad breath? You might hope that a close friend or family member will give you a heads up if your mouth is less-than-fresh, but some people have difficulty being the bearer of bad news. Here are a few ways to make sure you’re on top of your smelly breath:

Subtle cues
Do people often offer you a stick of gum or mint? This could be a signal that your bad breath is affecting social situations. It may be hard to come to terms with the situation, but don’t worry, you’re not alone: Many people experience halitosis from time to time. Think of it this way, the sooner you know about your halitosis symptoms, the quicker you’ll be able to find a long-term solution!

If you think you may have bad breath, pay attention to the way people react when you are speaking to them. Do they turn away or refrain from looking you in the eye? If you notice these non-verbal cues regularly, dig up the confidence to ask someone if this is happening for a reason. While some people naturally have more passive body language, others may be reacting to your bad breath. And remember, there is a chance that someone is going to tell you that you do have bad breath, so just prepare for the answer.

Ida Alvarez, a 31-year-old from, from Los Angeles, always had an inkling she was stinking up the room with her bad breath, but never had a friend give her the heads up. Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick, founder of The Etiquette School of New York told CNN that while the issue is delicate, it’s better to bring it up to someone than talk behind his or her back about the situation.

“My mom was the one who finally told me my breath smelled bad. She couldn’t hold back,” Alvarez told CNN. “It embarrassed me at first, but I’m happy she said something, because now I watch what I eat, drink more water and use products to get rid of it.”

Test yourself
There are a few tricks that will help you detect bad breath without asking anyone else. One of the easiest ways to check yourself is by licking the inside of your palm, then smelling it. However, this might not be a totally accurate test, and there are better ways to determine if you have bad breath if you’re on your own. One of the most accurate exams is by using a spoon to scrape the back of the tongue. This will remove the bacteria from this area of the mouth, which are what often cause bad breath. If this substance is smelly, you know that you have bad breath.

On-the-go treatment
If you’re concerned about having bad breath while you are out and about, why not prepare yourself with some powerful gum or mints? TheraBreath Chewing Gum is one of the best solutions because it doesn’t contain sugar like other brands and will zap your bad breath in no time. This gum contains xylitol, which is an all-natural sweetener that has dental improvement benefits, and it won’t cause any side effects. Combine the use of this gum with TheraBreath’s toothpaste, mouth rinse and probiotics, and you’ll never have to worry about bad breath again.

If someone close to you has bad breath and you don’t have the heart to tell them, let Dr. Katz do it for it. Click here to send a virtual breath mint.


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