Find Your Cure for Dry Mouth

CHWG-TBR-423Dry mouth is frustrating, uncomfortable and annoying – but unfortunately, we all suffer from it once in a while. Do you feel like you’re constantly drinking water but still have a dry, sticky feeling in your mouth? Saliva is a crucial liquid, because it helps keep everything moist, washes bacteria away and allows you to enjoy every little bite of food. Luckily, there are some dry mouth cures that you can do in the comfort of your own home that will increase saliva flow and allow you to overcome oral health issues that are dragging you down. 

Your everyday diet
Dry mouth is caused by a number of things, but the first option to try and get rid of it is to cut items out of your diet that may be making the issue worse. For instance, your morning cup of coffee isn’t the culprit to your dry mouth, but it likely isn’t making the situation better. If you drink a cup every morning, it probably isn’t related to your dry mouth, but if you find yourself consuming upwards of three cups every day, it could be helpful to cut down your intake. Although many people do contribute coffee to dry mouth, it may actually be because you’re drinking coffee instead of water. If you can’t live without your caffeine – and we can’t blame you – try to balance it out by drinking a glass of water for every cup. Similarly, a caffeine overdose may lead to dehydration and therefore dry mouth. 

Make sure to always have water on hand with you, and frequently take sips. If you’re a big soda drinker, this can be causing your dry mouth as well. Consider cutting down on soda intake and increasing water to cure dry mouth. Also, changing your diet to include a larger amount of fruits and vegetables can help, since they have a high water content. 

Get some gum
You may want to reach for a stick of gum to help with symptoms of dry mouth, like bad breath, and it can actually do more good than you think. If you chew on a piece of TheraBreath gum, it can help your dry mouth symptoms because it stimulates saliva flow, and to boot, it kicks your bad breath! This is a simple way to combat dry mouth when it hits you the hardest because it’s easy to take with you wherever you go. 

Chewing on sugary gum can have negative effects on your oral health in general in addition to your dry mouth. Sometimes after chewing store bought gum, there is a lasting feeling of sugary stickiness in your mouth, on your teeth and in your gums. 

Not a gum chewer? TheraBreath also has mouth wetting lozenges that are perfect for anyone suffering from dry mouth. These are just as easy to carry around as gum, and they help to keep your mouth moist, healthy and fresh! Natural ingredients boost the body’s ability to produce saliva so that you don’t suffer from any other harsh side effects of dry mouth. 

What next?
Do you feel like you’re still suffering from dry mouth on a regular basis? It can actually be stemming from something larger. Are you stressed out at work and suffering from anxiety? Is your nose stuffed up and you’re forced to breathe through your mouth? Have you been taking any sort of medicine that could have drying side effects? These are all good questions to ask yourself to determine exactly why you’re suffering from dry mouth, because all of these circumstances may play a role.

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