Don’t Let Gum Disease Take Away Your Pearly Whites


Did you know that keeping your gums healthy is one of the best ways to fight the look of aging? Gum disease affects nearly 50 percent of Americans, which also increases the risk of suffering from heart problems. Gum health is sometimes overlooked when it comes to the overall condition of the mouth – many people focus on the teeth – but flossing and using appropriate products can keep your gums long-lasting and beautiful.

Recently, the New York Daily News released somewhat terrifying photos of beautiful celebrities without their signature pearly whites! Stars like Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie were photoshopped without their A-list rows of ivories. Just imagine how you may look without those stunning teeth of yours! Without proper care of your oral health, tooth decay and removal of some teeth is possible. But we’re here to help with a few ways you can make sure you don’t look like any of these toothless beauties.

“The theory is if you have a certain amount of inflammation, something is going to break down somewhere [whether it’s your heart, your gums or something else],” David Cochran, former president of the American Academy of Periodontology and a professor at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio told Eating Well.

Some food for your gums
There are many different food and drink options for you to keep your teeth white and breath fresh, but do you know what you should be consuming to keep healthy gums? Gums keep your teeth properly in place and strong, so don’t ignore this major component of your mouth. One of the top foods you should be eating is raisins. Although they are sticky – which might throw you off – research shows that they play a role in fighting the growth and accumulation of anaerobic bacteria that cause gum disease and overall inflammation.

Green tea also has similar properties. This wonder drink is known to prevent bad breath and improve your health overall. According to a report in 2009, drinking a cup of green tea daily can lower your risk of developing gum disease because it is so rich with antioxidants. The most powerful antioxidant is called catechins, which helps to raise the body’s defense mechanism against inflammation. 

Another important step to take to prevent your gums from receding is switching from refined carbohydrates to whole grains. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that a study found men who ate four or more servings of whole grains each day saw a decreased risk of gum disease by 23 percent. Since these grains are digested slower, there is a steadier rise of glucose levels, which in turn help to avoid the production of inflammatory proteins.

What products to consider
Preventing gum disease and further issues starts with a healthy regimen of brushing, flossing and rinsing the mouth. You want to get rid of the anaerobic bacteria that create bad breath and allow gum disease to form. TheraBreath PerioTherapy oral rinse is especially helpful for people who are worried about having gum disease, or those who are already experiencing the beginning signs of the disease. If your gums tend to bleed easily while flossing or brushing, or you can see the gums pulling away from the teeth, PerioTherapy rinse may be something to consider. If your periodontal issues are more extreme, you may want to try the PerioTherapy kit, which helps to get rid of bad breath and gum issues at the same time.


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