Naturally Fight Gum Disease

iStock_000014107868XSmallWhen it comes to the mouth, there are countless reasons why taking proper care of it is pertinent to your overall health. From the social side effects of having bad breath to the condition of the mouth illnesses like gum disease leave behind, overlooking oral health can have a lasting effect on the rest of our body and mind. Luckily, many oral health issues can be remedied or reversed if they haven’t reached high severity.

Knowing the signs
According to the book Reversing Gum Disease Naturally, an estimated 40 million Americans suffer from periodontal disease. The roots of the teeth work to support healthy growth and stability, but once the bone begins to erode, the teeth become loose and have a higher probability of falling out. The first sign of gum disease is when the tissues become swollen, tender, and loose or even bleed while brushing. When the tissues that support the tooth are loose, it is easier for food particles and bacteria to gather around the base of the tooth. You may also notice that your gums are receding, which is a result of bone and gum loss.

Symptoms of gum disease may also include halitosis. Although halitosis causes include food consumption, dry mouth and allergies, it can also be a sign that the bacteria in the mouth are releasing a volatile smell.

Heal it
Once you begin to see these warning signs, there are plenty of ways that you can begin to reverse the harmful effects. The first step is to maintain a regular oral health regimen of brushing, flossing and rinsing with alcohol free mouthwash. Doing these three practices at least twice a day will help keep bacteria at bay, the breath smelling fresh and the teeth a pearly white.

Cayenne pepper
Cayenne pepper has several pain-relieving and healing properties that can reduce swelling and easily help to prevent gum disease from getting worse. Author of “Reversing Gum Disease Naturally” suggests adding cayenne tincture to a toothbrush and scrubbing the gums in a quick motion. It’s common to experience a tingling sensation, but this should subside in a few minutes. Continue this practice twice a day to get rid of the pain and help reverse gum disease.

To make the tincture, you’ll want a one-quart jar, two cups of cayenne pepper or a half pound of cayenne peppers. Fill the jar half way with the powder or fill it completely with the peppers. Then, fill the remaining space in the jar with either vodka, apple cider vinegar or glycerin. With the top of the jar sealed tightly, place it in a dark, cool place for six weeks to two months. After the time has passed, you should strain the mixture and use appropriately. A cayenne tincture can also be purchased online or in stores.

Natural foods
Your mother always told you to eat your fruits and vegetables, but this advice is commonly overlooked. A diet rich in fresh produce can help combat gum disease in several ways. Foods like apples and carrots work as a natural toothbrush to scrape away plaque and odor-causing bacteria, while other fruits and veggies have vitamins and minerals that neutralize the breath, and keep the mouth fresh and clean.

According to Natural News, researchers from the Harvard Medical School, the Harvard School of Public Health and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center found that nuts and fish oils have anti-inflammatory properties to help fight periodontal disease. Increasing your intake of Omega 3 fatty acids can be a good solution to prevent and reverse the side effects of gum disease.


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