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Since All Diets Cause Bad Breath, Not Everyone is a Good Judge of Halitosis

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhy are some people so sensitive to halitosis, while others seem to be almost immune to the smell of bad breath? There are several reasons, including basic physical factors like a hypersensitive nose or the presence of an unfamiliar or especially strong scent. But, overall, we can chalk up insensitivity to bad breath to the fact that all diets, not matter how veggie-heavy, appear to cause halitosis.

This means that virtually everyone gets bad breath, which then makes it harder for their noses to pick up on the smell of other peoples’ oral funk.

It’s true — and a new study appearing in the European Journal of Nutrition has confirmed it. Author Jukka Meurman, of the University of Helsinki, began by considering the idea that certain diets are more likely to give you funky breath. After all, if specific foods like garlic or asparagus can give you halitosis, then why not whole dietary regimens?

However, Meurman found that there’s hardly one style of eating that causes oral odor. Instead, all diets seem to.

He did note that “fermentable carbohydrates…should be avoided in cases with bad breath,” since carbs may encourage bacteria to multiply. But overall, he could not point his finger at just one offending diet: “No controlled studies exist on the effect of dietary regimens on halitosis, which in effect is mostly due to putrescence in deep periodontal pockets or tonsillar crypts.”

He’s certainly right there. Most bad breath starts in the mouth as a result of gum disease, tonsil stones or a dry tongue.

Now, that’s not to say that food doesn’t cause bad breath. It does. Rather, Meurman found that all diets (instead a particular one) eventually lead to halitosis.

Consider a diet that’s dairy-heavy. Would you expect it to give you bad breath? (After all, certain cheeses are quite stinky, and milk seems to reliably lead to funky mouth odor.) Well, if you said yes, you’d be right: Dairy can quickly ferment in your mouth, leading to the production of volatile sulfur compounds, the molecules that give halitosis its nasty reek.

That doesn’t mean that milk is without its dental benefits. Not only does dairy contain calcium, a mineral needed for bone hardness, but it is also the breeding ground for Lactobacillus salivarius K12, the microbe used in specialty oral care probiotics to banish other, odor-causing bacteria.


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Bad Breath Even Haunts the Most Beautiful Celebrities

Monday, February 25th, 2013

ist_000000361485What did you get your Valentine this year? Perhaps it was a box of chocolates, bouquet of flowers or a new piece of jewelry. Superstar couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie took cupid’s holiday to address what may be a pressing matter in their relationship: Angie’s bad breath. After their nearly eight year relationship, Pitt gave his fiancé a gag gift to treat her smelly breath, something that could easily caused by a low-carb diet.

“It is sort of a joke – and not. He always teases her that she has bad breath,” a source close to the superstar told US Weekly. “It’s a joke gift… he’ll also get her something more serious.”

But maybe Brad should have invested in something that could knock that bad breath out forever. Therabreath mouth wetting lozenges do the trick – and they won’t get in the way of her strict diet because they are vegan-friendly, kosher and help to whiten teeth. Even if you’re not sure what is causing bad breath, these unique lozenges keep your mouth fresh and moist all day long.

Often times, dry mouth is causing bad breath, or in Angie’s case, perhaps it’s her diet, so you don’t want to solve the problem with anything that won’t help produce saliva in your mouth. These lozenges also taste great! Using the healing powers of oxygen, zinc and Xylitol, you’ll eliminate dry mouth symptoms in a jiff. Just pop one of these bad boys three or four times a day and you’ll be feeling confident, fresh and ready to take on the world. Are you more of a gum chewer? No problem – Therabreath has got you covered with our French Kiss chewing gum used often by celebrities before big on-screen smooches. 

After all, there’s nothing better than not having to worry about stinky breath when you’re with your sweetie.

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Battle Post Nasal Drip the Natural Way

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

iStock_000012840411XSmallThe winter season is in full swing, and this may be the worst time of the year for many people who commonly experience post nasal drip. An irritating cough and raw, sore throat may lead you to believe that you’re coming down with a cold, but after weeks of nothing changing – you may grow irritated. There are many causes for this uncomfortable illness, including allergies, bacteria, chemicals, a virus or dry air (which is why most people experience it during the winter).

Luckily, there are several natural ways to remedy post nasal drip, as well as some great products that can help alleviate any harsh issues. Although this issue isn’t severe, it can lead to other uncomfortable symptoms such as bad breath.


Acupuncture is the ultimate natural way to cure your post nasal drip – but those afraid of needles may prefer to try acupressure. The best-known acupuncture point for thinning mucus is called “Stomach 40.” It is located on the outer leg, along the shinbone and about halfway between the knee and ankle. This is commonly used by acupuncturists for individuals who experience a phlegmy cough, heaviness in the chest, difficulty swallowing or throat swelling.

Since nighttime is the most common time of the day to experience post nasal drip, it can be helpful to do self-acupressure on this point right before falling asleep. You can experiment with both legs to see if you notice a difference. It’s best to use the thumb because you can grasp the leg with the rest of your hand and use a firm pressure; however, you can use whichever finger feels best to you.


Breathing in steam feels amazing for anyone experiencing post nasal drip. There are two ways to do this:  By boiling water or using a hand-held steam inhaler. Both ways are effective, but there’s no need to buy any product if you are boiling water. You’ll want to heat up the water on the stove and then transfer it to a bowl that can withstand the heat safely. Then, you’ll throw a towel over your head and breathe in deeply for several minutes. Adding a drop of eucalyptus or lavender oil can make that steam feel even more soothing.

Steam inhalers are convenient ways to battle post nasal drip, and they are safer for children to use than boiling water. However, it is important to maintain proper cleaning of these types of products so that germs and bacteria don’t spread.

If you have a membership to a gym – even better! You should take advantage of a steam room whenever you can if you commonly suffer from post nasal drip. Plus, steam rooms are great for the entire body and your skin.

Strong foods

You know how your eyes water and your nose begins to run when you cut up an onion? This is actually a great, natural decongestant to break up the phlegm and mucus in your throat. You can throw a thick slice of onion on to your sandwich, and add it to other foods as frequently as possible and you may notice relief. If you’re not keen on onions, consider spicing up your food. You may want to eat hot Mexican food, spicy chili or Wasabi – you can feel the Wasabi cutting through the thick mucus.

Vitamin C is another great option to break down the phlegm. Taking vitamin C tablets can be helpful, but for a more immediate remedy, it is better to eat fruits like oranges or pineapple. These foods can also do wonders to get rid of bad breath.

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Did you get your free French Kiss?

Monday, February 18th, 2013

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How About a French Kiss for Valentine’s Day?

Thursday, February 14th, 2013


love is fresh breath

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