Battle Garlic Breath Easily

602458_94754895Eating a clove of garlic a day has various health benefits. It has been shown to possibly assist with joint health and the thinning of blood, and contains antioxidants and increases the absorption of iron and zinc. The sulfuric compounds and phytonutrients in garlic have great powerful effects on the body; however, one of those effects is bad breath.

Halitosis – or bad breath – may be unsavory to many people, but it’s no reason to eliminate garlic from your diet. Simple fixes, like chomping on a sprig of parsley can quickly get rid of the bad breath followed by garlic. If you don’t have parsley nearby, there are other things that will help.

“The same sulfuric compounds in garlic that benefit your health circulate to the lungs and are exhaled with your breath, leaving you with dragon mouth for several hours,” Sheryl Barringer, Ph.D., a professor of food science and technology at Ohio State University told Women’s Health Magazine. “Research suggests that sipping milk before or during garlic eating also decreases the amount of odor coming out of your mouth.”

Drink up
Staying well hydrated is key in keeping your breath smelling fresh and clean, but there are several options to wash the mouth of the garlic aftertaste. Slurping down plenty of water is the best way to get rid of smelly breath because it washes down any excess food in the mouth and helps with saliva production.
Drinking a glass of milk right after or during a garlic-filled meal is another option to rinse out the mouth. According to World Dental, the fat and water content of the milk helps soak up the allyl methyl sulfide gas that leads to garlic breath. However, milk is also known to cause bad breath so it is important not to overload on the milk intake. Stick to a glass or two a day and your breath shouldn’t be affected.

Tea is a very helpful tool when trying to get rid of garlic breath because it contains a lot of polyphenols that break down sulfur compounds in garlic. Sipping on a cup of tea after a meal has numerous health benefits because it is similar to drinking a dried plant, so to speak. However, it is important that the tea is unsweetened. If you just can’t stand a glass of unsweetened tea, make sure to add a very small amount of honey or sugar.

Many people may cringe at the idea of sucking on a lemon or lime, but the citrus can dramatically help with getting rid of halitosis. Squeezing a slice of citrus into a glass of water can be a better option, and will get the job done so you can enjoy your night without worrying about garlic breath. This is a great solution because most restaurants will have lemon for your water anyways.

Fruits and veggies
After eating anything garlicky, snacking on an apple slice, celery, carrots or other similar water-filled produce will help get rid of the stench. These foods help with producing saliva, which will help wash out the garlic taste in your mouth.

If you tend to turn to mints or gum to freshen up your mouth, make sure that the variety you use doesn’t contain sugar. Snacking on sugary gum will just lead to even worse mouth health because bacteria’s favorite food is sugar. This will likely promote bacteria build up. Sugar free gum, mints or breath strips can be very helpful in dire situations, although the best solution is to use alcohol-free mouthwash and maintain good oral health.

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