Survey: Bad Breath Remedies are a Basic Need in the Boudoir

Say you’re curious about what gets people revved up in the bedroom, but you’re too afraid to ask around. (And who wouldn’t be? How do you get that conversation started?) While you’re at it, you also want to know what the biggest turn-offs are. Well, you can relax, because a New Zealand-based company has done the legwork for you. They surveyed more than a thousand Kiwis and found that – for ladies, at least – the number-one sin a partner can commit is skipping out on bad breath remedies.

Poll puts halitosis at the top of most women’s lists

Conducted by an adult products merchant, the survey queried 1,500 New Zealanders about their biggest turn-ons and turn-offs in bed.

Unsurprisingly, women overwhelmingly said that halitosis is the worst boudoir-based offence imaginable.

Bad breath was their leading turn-off, followed by body odor and smoking. Interestingly, all three nasty habits – tobacco use, poor oral hygiene and the need for a shower – are odor-driven offences. However, this might not be all that surprising.

After all, studies have shown that women tend to have more sensitive noses than men. For instance, BBC News reported that young women can learn to recognize extremely low concentrations of a particular odor, whereas guys rarely can. Researchers chalked up the difference to female hormones, which may make ladies’ noses more attuned to halitosis, too.

And the men?

The male respondents to the recent survey had a different set of sensual priorities, apparently, but they still hated oral odor. They voted smoking to be the number-one turn-off, followed by “nagging” and (no surprise here) bad breath.

So what is the takeaway? Specialty bad breath remedies are always a good idea. They can clean teeth and reduce the mouth’s population of odor-causing bacteria. But more specifically, it’s important to keep a specialty gum, mint or rinse on hand, since you never know when you may need to freshen up.

As both the men and women of New Zealand will tell you, it’s not about having a perfectly clean mouth, mate. Instead, all you need to do is make sure you’ve pocketed a bad breath remedy before you and a date decide to head upstairs.

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