Product tells You if Your Breath is less than Fresh

So here’s the scenario: You’re out on a first date, the end of the night is approaching and the time has come for a good night kiss. Suddenly, you remember all of that garlic you had on your pasta or the onions on your pizza, and you become worried that you might have bad breath. Surveys have shown that halitosis is one of the main romantic turn-offs, and if you have strong oral odor you may find yourself without an invitation for a second date.

Luckily, there are many things that can help cure this problem before it ruins your night, such as alcohol-free mouthwash and specialty breath fresheners. Also, there is a new tool that may help you evaluate the state of your breath during your date. Now available on the market is a portable “bad breath tester” that can be carried in a purse or backpack and can inform you of an impending danger.

Rating bad breath

The small device has holes on the top that you can breathe into. A digital screen will then give you a reading of zero to four, depending on the severity of your halitosis. According to the Daily Mail, the tool costs about 20 British pounds, which equals about $32 in the U.S.

Now, you may be wondering how it is possible to measure bad breath. This is not the first device with the ability to tell if you have halitosis. In fact, halimeters have been around for quite some time and they have been effectively measuring oral odor for years. According to Benjamin Fiss, D.D.S., writing for, a halimeter is a device that can measure the concentration of volatile sulfur compounds, the agents primarily responsible for halitosis. These substances include sulfide, methyl mercaptan, other thiols and dimethyl sulfide.

Foods such as onions and garlic are high in volatile sulfur compounds, which is why a halimeter is likely to rate you as having off-the-charts bad breath after consuming these foods.

Beat bad breath on a date

Along with bringing your own portable halimeter with you, there are other things you can do on a date to make sure your breath stays fresh. For example, there are plenty of specialty breath freshening products that you can keep in your pocket or purse to use after a meal. You should also avoid ordering foods rich in garlic while having dinner.

If you have a particularly bad halitosis problem, considering keeping a toothbrush and alcohol-free mouthwash with you so you can excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and freshen up.


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