How Sure are You that Your Breath Doesn’t Smell?

Do you smell bad? It’s a rotten question, but it’s something everyone should ask themselves before they discover people have been trying to tell them about their halitosis or body odor for years. By the time you start smelling your own bad breath, chances are other people have been noticing it for a while. This is because it takes longer for you to notice the scents of your own body, since you’re so used to smelling it all the time.

If you do discover that you have halitosis, the next step is to determine what is causing it. While you may think you know everything that leads to bad breath, you’re probably wrong. There are many surprising things that can cause oral odor, and it’s important for you to determine which of them are wreaking havoc on your mouth.

Like it spicy? Use alcohol-free mouthwash

Are you a fan of spicy foods flavored with curry and other hot ingredients?  According to Prevention Magazine, if you are then you may be experiencing halitosis as a result. The worst part is the odor caused by these foods may last a long time.

“When digested, these foods produce several stinky sulfur-containing gases. Most of these byproducts are metabolized in the intestines and liver, but some, such as allyl methyl sulfide, are absorbed into the bloodstream and released through your lungs and pores, an effect that can last for a few hours or more,” said Debra Jaliman, MD, assistant professor of dermatology at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, quoted by the news source.

Richard Price, D.M.D., told the information provider that people who experience bad breath caused by spicy foods should use mouthwash to eliminate halitosis. However, we would like to add that it’s important to use an alcohol-free variety.

You may be wondering why alcohol-free is so important, so let’s lay out a scenario: You’ve just been to your favorite restaurant where you ordered a particularly spicy dish. You take a bite of a hot pepper, and suddenly your mouth is twisting with searing pain.

As you leave the restaurant, you begin to notice a sore developing on the side of your mouth where you were chewing the pepper, and your breath reeks from your spicy meal. What should you do? You want to get rid of your bad breath, but you think about that alcohol-based mouthwash you have at home and how much it will sting when it comes in contact with your mouth sore. This is when you realize that an alcohol-free mouthwash would be able to freshen your breath without irritating the sore or, worse, causing more of them to appear.

More surprising causes of bad breath

Do you skip breakfast? If so, that could be another culprit behind your halitosis, according to the Healthy Lifestyle Guide. Eating stimulates saliva production, which helps wash bacteria from the tongue. If you don’t eat till lunch, bacteria may be building up in your mouth and causing a bad smell.

Also, conditions that cause you to breathe out of your mouth, such as snoring and sleep apnea, can dry out the mouth and lead to halitosis.

Furthermore, many medications come with side effects that can affect oral odor, so talk to your doctor if you’ve been experiencing bad breath since starting a new pill.

So while there are many causes of halitosis, there are solutions that can fix them all. Use alcohol-free mouthwash and oral care probiotics for a healthy mouth and fresh breath.


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