Find out if you have Halitosis before Someone else tells you

Does anyone in your family have bad breath? Why not turn it into a game? That’s what the Thompson family recently did, the stars of the reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, which airs on TLC. The show follows a southern family and their precocious beauty queen daughter as they engage in such activities as mud wrestling and dumpster diving.

On a recent episode, the family decided to play a game revolving around halitosis, according to the Wall Street Journal. The game, called “guess whose breath” involved a family member being blindfolded, and everyone taking turns breathing into their face. In the end, everyone ended up laughing hysterically over the fact that the entire family appears to suffer from horrendous bad breath.

While having your family members smell your breath is one way to determine whether you have halitosis, there are certainly easier (and less disgusting) ways to tell if someone has oral odor.

Know your breath

The smells of our own bodies tend to blend in with all of the smells around us, which means that it’s likely that other people will notice if you have halitosis before you do. This is why it’s important to use alcohol-free mouthwashes, practice proper oral hygiene techniques and know how to test your breath so you can avoid the embarrassment of having someone tell you that your breath smells. Health Guidance has some tips to help you determine if you have bad breath. Halitosis is all about the tongue, so you need to know how to test the smells on your tongue.

“Take a sample of the smell of your tongue by licking the inside of your wrist or the back of your hand. Wait for it to dry, then smell the licked area. If it smells bad you have bad breath. This method just samples the front of your tongue however – sample the back region by rubbing it with a piece of clean gauze, or scraping it gently with the edge of a plastic spoon,” according to the news source.

If none of these methods work, turn to more professional measures. There are tools such as a halimeter, which detect the levels of violate sulfur compounds in the mouth. These substances are generally considered to be the major source behind bad breath, and recently a portable halimeter became available on the market.

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