Bad Breath is (Surprise, Surprise) the Ultimate Turn-off

What would ruin a night faster than a little halitosis emanating from your date? That’s a question that sociologists, dating experts and the generally curious have been asking for a long time now, and it seems like the answer is almost always “nothing.” Bad breath is, hands down, one of the biggest turn-offs around – as confirmed by a recent survey.

Conducted by a manufacturer of electronic cigarettes (which are fodder for a blog post of their own), the poll found that halitosis is one of the few turn-offs that both genders can agree on.

Oral odor, beards and tattoos

A spokesperson for the e-cigarette company noted that, as you might expect, men and women have different primary turn-offs. Guys told surveyors that having extensive tattoos is the biggest way that a woman can torpedo a date, while the ladies shot back that growing a thick, matted beard is the number-one thing that send men home alone.

But both sides agreed on the second most common turnoff, because #2 for men and women alike was bad breath.

“Both genders felt bad breath was a significant turn off, which is understandable,” a company spokesperson told the Daily Mail. “Who wants to get close to somebody with breath that makes you want to turn and run away?”

Even the numbers were neck-and-neck, with 28 percent of lads and 27 percent of ladies saying that halitosis, above all else, kills the mood on a date.

It isn’t all that surprising

This survey is by no means the first to reveal that people find bad breath repulsive, especially when they’re looking for someone to see intimately. A 2011 poll conducted by the lifestyle magazine Female First found that oral odor was the number-one turn-off, with a huge number of women (75 percent) swearing that they’d let no one with bad breath give them a kiss.

In an even larger survey, which included more than 35,000 respondents, reconfirmed that, yes, halitosis is one of the biggest turn-offs in the world. In the poll, oral odor came in second, ahead of everything except BO, in terms of repulsive power.

Fortunately, bad breath is easy to get rid of. (The same can’t be said of tattoos.) By using specialty breath freshening products, like alcohol-free mouthwashes and oral care probiotics, you can quickly and effectively neutralize the scent of bad breath, all while killing the bacteria that cause it.

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