UK Big Brother plays bad-breath-based ‘telephone’ game

And you thought your work was challenging… Recently, the contestants on the UK’s Big Brother reality show had a formidable task placed before them: They had to sniff their team members’ food-based bad breath, guess which dish caused it, and then recreate it in their own mouths.

Let’s hope they had access to some specialty breath fresheners afterward.

A diabolically stinky game of ‘telephone’

The Big Brother participants were essentially playing a smell-based version of “telephone.” Also known as “grapevine,” this children’s game involves a circle or line of players who pass a whispered phrase from one person to the next, often resulting in hilarious errors by the time the catchphrase reaches the final link of the chain.

For the reality TV show, producers upped the ante by making contestants smell each other’s bad breath.

As reported by OMG!, a celebrity gossip site maintained by Yahoo!, the British Big Brother participants were led into a set of separate cubicles as part of a Turf Wars challenge. Each windowless enclosure was connected to the next by a small tube. In each small cubicle, a single contestant was given nothing more than a platter of different smelly foods, like garlic, cheese, coffee and pickled onions.

The object of the challenge was simple, if disgusting. The first participant chose a food, ate a bite and breathed into the tube. The neighboring contestant had to smell the resulting halitosis, guess which dish caused it, eat that food and then breathe their oral odor on toward the next cubicle.

The winners were the team that could keep the chain going the longest without making an error.

Scouring out the funky breath with food (or breath fresheners)

Ultimately, the Blue Team prevailed, winning not only the ownership of a secret room in the house, but also, as the news source noted, a tasty spread of chips, candy and cocktails.

While these foods and beverages might seem to have eliminated the contestants’ bad breath, they most assuredly didn’t. Eating a meal to drown out food-based halitosis is a vicious cycle, one that leads to even more severe oral odor.

Instead of trying to eat away your own bad breath, rinse with an alcohol-free specialty breath freshening mouthwash. Or, if you’re at work and can’t step away from your own smelly cubicle, pop an oxygenating mint in your mouth to dispel the stink before your halitosis has your neighbors saying whew!

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