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Kelly Osbourne can’t Stand Bad Breath, Tweets her Displeasure

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

As a rule, Kelly Osbourne says whatever she feels like. This is probably why she co-hosts Fashion Police, a show in which she and Joan Rivers blast Hollywood stars and starlets for their odd or revealing choices of dress. It’s may also be why she has no problem unleashing on people with bad breath.

Recently, Osbourne tweeted her disgust with having to sniff oral odor, especially when it’s up close and personal.

“#IHate people that are close talkers!” she wrote on the social media site. “No i don’t want to feel your hot breath in my face while talking thank you very much!”

On the same day (July 26), Osbourne blew off some more steam about the kinds of contortions she has to go through just to get away from the smell of bad breath.

“I spend most convos turning my head like the ****ing exorcist searching for a pocked [sic] of halitosis free air! it makes me look like a nutter!” she said, misspelling a bit in her rage.

This isn’t the first time the singer and fashion designer has expressed her displeasure with other people’s oral funk. In 2011, she tweeted: “Bad breath is better than no breath at all. #JustDontTalkSoCloseToMyFace”

Can you blame her for hating halitosis? It must be especially tough to deal with bad breath when you spend so much of your day talking with people face to face.

So, other than turning their heads around backwards, how can people like Osbourne break it to others that they have a case of halitosis? Well, besides saying it right out, you can always subtly offer a specialty, sugar-free, oxygenating breath mint.

These products neutralize odor, taste great and get the point across immediately. Or, if you have the person’s email address, you can send an anonymous, virtual breath mint from TheraBreath here.

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Your Teeth don’t have to get any Yellower. There’s a New Way to Whiten!

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

TheraBreath has become America’s #1 Dentist Developed Oral Care Company because we are focused on making our products effective, safe, and easy to use. That is why millions of Americans trust us to keep their breath fresh, their gums healthy, and their teeth sparkling clean.

Today, we are excited to announce we can also make your smile the whitest and brightest it has ever been – without pain or sensitivity – with our new line of TheraBreath Whitening Products. To celebrate this huge announcement, we are having a ONE WEEK WHITENING SALE (just use coupon code AWHTE2 at checkout).

Our new whitening products are specifically developed by Dr Katz, the man behind all TheraBreath products, to deliver fast results without sensitivity or discomfort. The TheraBreath Dental Professional Whitening Kit comes with three syringes of Dental Office whitening gel and a special Remineralization Treatment that helps to reduce any potential sensitivity after you whiten. The kit has everything you need to get your teeth shades whiter fast in just a few treatments. Then, you can apply the Remineralization Treatment to seal in the white and seal out sensitivity!


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UK Big Brother plays bad-breath-based ‘telephone’ game

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

And you thought your work was challenging… Recently, the contestants on the UK’s Big Brother reality show had a formidable task placed before them: They had to sniff their team members’ food-based bad breath, guess which dish caused it, and then recreate it in their own mouths.

Let’s hope they had access to some specialty breath fresheners afterward.

A diabolically stinky game of ‘telephone’

The Big Brother participants were essentially playing a smell-based version of “telephone.” Also known as “grapevine,” this children’s game involves a circle or line of players who pass a whispered phrase from one person to the next, often resulting in hilarious errors by the time the catchphrase reaches the final link of the chain.

For the reality TV show, producers upped the ante by making contestants smell each other’s bad breath.

As reported by OMG!, a celebrity gossip site maintained by Yahoo!, the British Big Brother participants were led into a set of separate cubicles as part of a Turf Wars challenge. Each windowless enclosure was connected to the next by a small tube. In each small cubicle, a single contestant was given nothing more than a platter of different smelly foods, like garlic, cheese, coffee and pickled onions.

The object of the challenge was simple, if disgusting. The first participant chose a food, ate a bite and breathed into the tube. The neighboring contestant had to smell the resulting halitosis, guess which dish caused it, eat that food and then breathe their oral odor on toward the next cubicle.

The winners were the team that could keep the chain going the longest without making an error.


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Canadians: Be on the Lookout for Dr. Katz!

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

As most of you already know, our very own Dr. Harold Katz is a very busy man. He’s often traveling to visit and educate as many people as he can about the causes and fixes for bad breath and anything that goes along with it.

His most recent adventure took him back to beautiful Vancouver. Here are some places you can (or hopefully did) catch Dr. Katz:

  • Yesterday (July 18th) on CTV News at Noon, he stopped by to discuss how to battle bad breath and what you can do to get (and keep) fresh breath all day.
  • He was also interviewed Wednesday (7/18) by Sing Tao Newspaper – the #1 Chinese a language newspaper in Canada, so keep an eye out for that article.
  • 7/19 (this morning) on Breakfast TV, Dr. Katz tested host Jody’s breath after eating onions. How did he get rid of the smell and return her fresh breath? TheraBreath! If you are a regular watcher, you may already know that Dr. Katz is somewhat of a regular on this show. Go here to see previous segments.
  • This weekend, listen in to News 1130 for Dr. Katz’s interview with Mike Lloyd on the Morning Show “On the Offbeat”.
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Exclusive TheraBreath Tip from Dr. Katz

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Now that it’s summer and the temperature is rising, try storing your bottle of TheraBreath mouthwash in the refrigerator for an even more refreshing, fresh-breath experience!

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