The Biggest Bonus Pak Offer from TheraBreath Ever, Starts Today!

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The SEMI ANNUAL BONUS PAK SALE: You can save 60% OR MORE on TheraBreath, America’s favorite Fresh Breath Formula. Shop now.

If you are a regular TheraBreath user you probably look forward to our SEMI-ANNUAL BONUS PAK SALE. This event is the absolute best time to stock up on all of your favorite TheraBreath products. Prices are OVER 60% OFF our regular retail prices and every US and Canadian Order is SHIPPED FREE.

Many folks have written and called recently, pointing out that we haven’t had a BONUS PAK SALE for a while. We’re sorry we kept some of you waiting. This year has been very busy here at TheraBreath. You have probably seen more TheraBreath items popping up at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, and other major American retailers. Thanks to all of you, the demand for our products continues to grow and we are all burning the midnight oil just trying to keep up.

But we never want to disappoint our most loyal customers so we are happy to make a HUGE announcement. If you’ve been hoping for a great deal on TheraBreath, your wait is over: The TheraBreath BONUS PAK SALE event starts now – and it is the biggest BONUS PAK VALUE we have EVER OFFERED! Click here to check out the savings.

Every Bonus Pak order will receive up to $172 in FREE BONUS ITEMS, get FREE SHIPPING in the US or CANADA, and pay NO SALES TAX on any order shipped outside California. But this special offer is available for a VERY LIMITED TIME. Click here to shop the sale before it is over.

Here are what real customers said about our last Bonus Pak Sale:

“The Bonus Pak Sale is by far the best prices I have seen on your products. We rely on TheraBreath so when I have a chance to buy a bunch and save a bunch, I take it. Thanks! – B. Jeanette (Hibbing, MN)

“Dear Dr. Katz: TheraBreath is something my husband and I use every day. Right now times are a bit tight, so getting a big discount for buying in bulk is a huge plus. And the extra freebies are terrific. You’ve got another very satisfied customer. – J. Lassiter (Reno, NV)

“Thumbs way up on the sale, folks! I got everything fast and it all worked like you said it would. A+” – C. Depupe (New Orleans, LA)


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