International Study Broadens Benefits of BLIS K12 Probiotics

TheraBreath’s own BLIS K12 probiotics got a bit of a boost this year, as a recently published study has confirmed that the specialty breath freshener has even more benefits than once thought. The report found that this particular brand of probiotic treatment may prevent oral candidiasis by keeping its pathogens from sticking to the walls of the mouth.

Not bad for a product that already modifies the flora of the mouth, eliminates bad bacteria, neutralizes bad breath and leaves the mouth smelling sweet!

What can’t probiotics do?

This latest investigation was conducted by researchers from Canada, Japan and New Zealand. The results – which appeared in the January issue of the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology – indicated that BLIS K12 probiotics keep yeast from taking hold in the mouth.

Oral candidiasis, also known as thrush, is a painful condition caused by a fungal infection of the mouth. This disorder is pretty easy to notice: Besides causing rank bad breath, thrush also leaves the tongue coated in a startling shade of white. Many people with the condition appear to have a mouthful of cottage cheese.

Thrush causes inflammation and tenderness, which can persist for weeks or even months. Treatment is almost always necessary – but, of course, it is better to never get thrush in the first place. Enter BLIS K12 probiotics, which the new study said can prevent oral candidiasis from ever taking hold.

BLIS gives yeast no toehold

The key is the BLIS itself. Also called bacteriocin-like inhibitory substance, this powerful protein is naturally made by the bacterial strain used in K12 probiotics – namely, Streptococcus salivarius. This material prevents odor-causing microbes from growing in the mouth, leading to fresher breath.

And, evidently, it forces fungal species like Candida albicans to get lost.

This effect is long-lasting. BLIS Technologies CEO Barry Richardson stated: “Other throat-care lozenges and medications might have a transient effect for an hour or two, but the greatest advantage that BLIS K12 has over other oral-care treatments is that it can colonize in the mouth and throat, and that means that it provides protection within the oral cavity, 24 hours a day.”

The message is clear: Specially formulated probiotics kits can do what other products can’t. BLIS K12 probiotics keep the balance of oral bacteria just right, force out stinky microbes and even encourage yeast to take a hike!

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