Dr. Katz asks Ontarians to say ‘Ahhhh’

Whether he’s in his world-renowned breath clinics or on the road, our very own Dr. Katz has made it his mission to spread the word about bad breath prevention. Recently, his travels took him to southwest Ontario, where he used a halimeter and a headful of knowledge about halitosis to teach customers at the Covent Garden Market about bad breath.

As reported by the London Free Press, his method is simple: He uses standardized instrumentation (and a little bit of humor) to measure a person’s level of oral odor. And if you think that simply huffing into your hands and taking a sniff will work, think again.

Dr. Katz told the news source that this age-old technique may seem effective, but really it’s little more than an (admittedly excellent) way to smell your hand.

If want an accurate idea of how your breath smells, Dr. Katz recommends something a little more scientific: the halimeter. He started using the device in 1994 as a way to accurately measure his daughter’s oral odor. Very quickly, Dr. Katz found that this tool is the ideal method for measuring halitosis.

After all, how do you put a number on bad breath? What differentiates breath that’s sort of stinky from that which is overpoweringly odiferous? The halimeter, that’s what.

This device uses a small, thin tube to collect air from the mouth. (All you have to do is stick out your tongue and say “Ahhh,” and it does the rest.) Inside the halimeter, sophisticated equipment measures the levels of volatile sulfur compounds on your breath. If your score tops 100 – that is, 100 parts per billion – you’ve got halitosis.

For those who do, Dr. Katz has formulated dozens of all-natural specialty products designed to neutralize odor, eliminate bacteria, whiten teeth and prevent bad breath from coming back.

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