Zac Efron says: To get rid of Bad Breath, Skip the Tuna and Onions

Though he recently denied being a heartthrob, actor Zac Efron has kissed his fair share of starlets onscreen – from Vanessa Hudgens in High School Musical to, most recently, Taylor Schilling in The Loved One. The latter has a steamy bedroom scene, one that Efron said frequently made him and his co-star giggle. So what helped keep him in character? In a recent TV interview, he recounted his quest to get rid of bad breath by skipping smelly foods.

“No onions!” Efron told Access Hollywood. He added that on the day he and Schilling filmed their intimate scene, he chewed tons of gum to mask any halitosis.

Of course, regular gums may temporarily cover up oral odor, but they can’t get rid of bad breath. That’s a job for all-natural, specialty breath freshening gum like TheraBreath chewing gum or mints (such as our Mouth Wetting Lozenges or ZOX), which neutralize odor molecules even as they wet the palate.

However, Efron didn’t just avoid onions. He also steered clear of seafood, based on his experiences making a previous film.

“I had a kissing scene one time, and I ate a tuna sandwich,” he told the news source. “It was the first [scene] I had to do, and I got called out on it.”

Understandably, Efron had a hard time staying in his head.  “It was so embarrassing,” he added. “You don’t do that, don’t be that guy!”

Wise words. By avoiding stinky foods, it can be easier to prevent your breath from going sour. However, you shouldn’t have to avoid the meals you love just because you run the risk of getting oral odor. When you want to have your tuna and eat it too, consider using a specialty breath freshening product afterward.

That way, your breath will be as fresh as ever, and no one will be able to tell that you’re digesting a nice meal of tuna (or onions, or garlic, or what have you).

In case you’re wondering which movie Efron was referring to, we’ve done a little digging and think we’ve come up with the answer. In 2008, NPR interviewed Steve Gehrke, a veteran script supervisor whose job it is to ensure the continuity of every scene in a movie. He noted that the biggest challenge comes when actors eat lunch, since the distraction can lead to any number of little unwitting changes in a shot’s details. Gehrke actually did the interview during a lunch break while working on his latest project – 17 Again, a film starring Zac Efron.

And as NPR noted, the distractingly delicious on-set lunches included fresh grilled tuna.

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