With Chronic Halitosis, Quality of Life Goes out the Window

Having bad breath can do a real number on your self-esteem, not to mention on your oral health. In fact, oral odor can seriously sabotage day-to-day life. Your friendships, your self-esteem, your confidence – you name it, and chances are that chronic halitosis will take it down a peg. And if you don’t believe that bad breath can be so terrible for quality of life (QoL), then consider reading a new study that appears in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene.

The investigation monitored the QoL of one nameless man, who is given the pretty cool-sounding pseudonym “Mr. X”.

In the study, researchers began by anonymously meeting an obese, 36-year-old Dutch man. Dental experts noted that the subject, Mr. X, had severe gingivitis, heavy plaque deposits and “extreme foetor-ex-ore (very strong, offensive breath odor).”

As you can read for yourself (the study is open-access at the moment), chronic halitosis has a huge effect on the man’s daily life. In fact, the authors – who hail from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands – suggested that Mr. X’s anxiety, lack of social contacts and poor personal hygiene were all linked to his halitosis.

After examining Mr. X, they found that his oral health was so poor that he was in danger of losing all of his teeth. Likewise, his self-reported QoL was miserable: His attitude was timid, his social connections were few and his dental anxiety was elevated.

However, by taking some specialty breath fresheners and adopting a daily at-home tooth-cleaning regimen, Mr. X was able to turn his life around, reduce his chronic halitosis and keep his teeth.

Not bad!

That’s the power of specialty breath fresheners. By wetting the tongue, oxygenating the mouth and neutralizing odor compounds, these products can improve oral odor as they help boost self-esteem and self-confidence.


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  1. Elena Lapina Says:

    How can I buy Therabreath products? where can I buy them?

  2. Winnie Says:

    One issue some of us may have is that when drinking or eating foods with the many forms of sulfite preservatives in them — wine, bear, processed meats, cider etc etc etc — somehow when digesting it comes back in your breath as hydrogen sulfite ( rotten egg gas)– so if this is the issue try and avoid foods and drinks with this type of preservatives. Also, try eating the herb, tumeric –kills the bad bugs in your gut, and try also a strong anti biotic from your doctor

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