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Your $157 Bonus Expires in a Few Days!

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Hi there!

We just wanted to post a quick reminder that the TheraBreath BONUS PAK SALE, our biggest sale of the year, is over after Presidents Day Weekend! When the sale is over, your free bonus worth up to $157 also expires.

If you have already taken this opportunity to stock up on TheraBreath Oral Care Products at up to 60% OFF regular retail prices then you can afford to ignore this reminder. But if you haven’t yet placed your order then please don’t put it off any longer. Inventory is running out fast and the sale is almost over - why not take a couple of minutes to check out your bonus offer and see what sale items are still available?

During the BONUS PAK SALE you receive:

a BONUS worth up to $157
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REMEMBER: Every Bonus Pak order saves 60% or more off the regular retail price.
Once this sale is over in just a few days our prices go back to regular retail!

Don’t pay full retail! Stock up now!

 Here are a few fun facts you may not know about TheraBreath:

• Thanks to customers like you TheraBreath is the fastest growing oral care brand in the world. Currently there are over 1 million people that use TheraBreath regularly!

• Our products are the only oral care products that a certified vegetarian, vegan, kosher, approved for use by diabetics, gluten free, and halal. You can be sure we are very careful about what we put in our products.

All of our products are custom formulated to Dental Professional standards and are used in many Dental Clinics. We do not provide special stronger formulations for Dentists as many brands do.

• TheraBreath products are recommended by the UCLA School of Dentistry, the International Symposium of Breath Odor Research, the Environmental Health Association of Canada and many other professional and scientific organizations.

TheraBreath products have recently won the Gold Medal of Taste from the American Masters of Taste – an organization of chefs that judges the quality of high end foods and beverages. TheraBreath is the only oral care brand to have received the medal.

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Article on Halitosis gets it Mostly Right

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Getting rid of halitosis isn’t always easy. Heck, even writing about eliminating bad breath can be a bit of a challenge. The details of oral odor aren’t always so simple to disentangle, which is why we’d like to address a few below.

Recently, Dr. Katz talked to MSN HIM about the causes of oral odor and the best halitosis treatments. The news source did a great job of hitting all the major offenders: low saliva flow, prescriptions that cause dry mouth, dehydration, tonsil stones, deep grooves in the surface of the tongue, smoking, dietary proteins – even alcohol-based mouthwashes!

However, we’d like to offer a few small corrections on detecting oral odor, as well as the best halitosis treatments available.

The source noted that it’s possible to smell your own bad breath by exhaling into your cupped hands and then quickly sniffing. This is a common misconception, since most of us have tried the method but few of us can recall being sure afterward whether we had halitosis. If breathing into our hands really worked, we’d always know if we stunk, and take appropriate countermeasures.

To definitely discover whether your mouth is funky, try licking the back of your hand instead. Then sniff the spot to see if it has an odor. This method is just as discreet, while having the benefit of actually working!

Also, keep in mind that triclosan (an odor-fighting ingredient mentioned in the article) is probably best left alone. Besides being an irritant, this chemical is technically a pesticide. It’s generally better to use specialty breath fresheners that contain all-natural ingredients.

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Your $157 Bonus is About to Expire. Don’t Forget to Claim it.

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Your $157 Bonus expires in less than ONE WEEK*.

I just wanted to post a quick reminder that the TheraBreath Bonus Pak Sale is over in less than seven days and when it is, your $157 BONUS for placing any Bonus Pak Order expires with it.

To recap – buying during this semi-annual event will save you as much as 60% off of our regular everyday prices. If you use TheraBreath on a regular basis, or if you’ve been looking for an opportunity to try our products for the first time to check out the benefits for yourself, now is the time to stock up and save! But hurry: You don’t have much time left for the biggest savings of the year.

Don’t forget – as part of any BONUS PAK ORDER you will receive a free BONUS PAK PACKAGE Worth as much as $157 and FREE SHIPPING on your entire order.

It takes just a few minutes to order and can save you hundreds of dollars. Don’t put it off. Do it today.

To Order By Phone Call 800-973-7374 from 8:00AM – 5:00PM PST, Monday – Friday

Yours in good health,

Dr Harold Katz
Founder, California Breath Clinics
Inventor, TheraBreath Oral Care Formulas

* This offer expires on Wednesday Feb. 22nd. Don’t forget to shop the sale before prices return to their regular retail prices.

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And we Thought Getting Halitosis from Kissing was Bad Enough…

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Oh dear, how shall we put this one delicately. You see, at TheraBreath we come across dozens and dozens of news stories every week about the connection between bad breath and bacteria. But when this one hit our desk, we were flabbergasted: According to a new study out of Russia, men may get bad breath from a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

You think you’ve read it all, and then…

It may sound funny – and c’mon, it is – but the science behind this shudder-inducing paper is quite serious, and the connection between halitosis, body odor, microbes and STDs is deeper than you might think.

For the investigation, a team of Russian specialists from the Tomsk and Kemerovo State Universities in Novobirsk tried a simple experiment. They gathered together nearly three dozen young men, about half of whom had gonorrhea (or were recovering from it). Researchers asked for saliva and armpit sweat samples from each man.

Then, they lined up the samples and smelled them.

Before you judge, ask yourself: What else is there to do in Novobirsk in the dead of winter, besides sniff the saliva and sweat of men with the clap? …Okay, actually quite a lot. (It’s the third-largest city in Russia.) But still, this was in the name if science, people!


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The Latest TheraBreath Blog Reviews and Giveaways

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Please note: if you have already been lucky enough to win one of these bloggers giveaways, please refrain from entering in order to allow others to win. Thank you!

Mary’s Cup of Tea is back, this time she is hosting a giveaway and has reviewed our Multi Symptom Probiotics. Go here to read it in its entirely, but here’s a sampling of what she had to say: “It is a 7 Day Probiotic Home Treatment System. I was sent one of these 7 day programs to try out and I just finished so I wanted to tell you all about it. First off, it really does not taste too bad. It has a citrusy taste like oranges so you shouldn’t worry about how it tastes. Remember that polish that the dentist uses to polish your teeth after they have been cleaned? Well, that is what this tastes like, the orange polishing stuff they put on your teeth.” As you can tell, she’s very thorough and descriptive so be sure to pay Mary a visit so you can read the rest of her thoughts on our new oral care probiotics.

Are you a blogger located in the United States and interested in reviewing TheraBreath products?  Just go to and fill out the form to let us know. Please note, we do not pay for reviews but will send the products to try at no cost.

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