Crash Diet Including a Tongue Patch

There is a 30-day diet that is making headlines in Los Angeles. reported on the new “Tongue Patch” diet has been done to sixty seven patients and counting. Plastic surgeon Dr. Nikolas Chugay is using a FDA approved material to place a patch on his patient’s tongue for thirty days. This patch makes chewing extremely difficult and painful, leading the patients to only drink liquids for the thirty days that the patch is in place.

Dr. Chugay sells his recommended liquid beverage for $200 for a month’s supply. Patients that receive the tongue patch get the supply for free.

According to Dr. Chugay, the patients that have undergone the procedure are only experiencing minimal side effects, that main one being irritation and in which case the patch is removed a week early.

Results are typically a loss of fifteen to thirty pounds in a month. Those are some large numbers, but it is to be expected on a completely liquid diet.

This diet mostly likely won’t have lasting results. However, Dr. Chugay’s office does follow-up with patients for five to six months to help them how to eat right, exercise and deal with stress.

There are some major risks that other doctors could see happening to tongue patch patients. There could be scarring, risk of infection and possible tissue growth into the implant. This would results in long –term, severe pain. Another result of having a foreign mass in one’s tongue is halitosis. Bad breath would no doubt occur as the mouth would become more acidic due to the all liquid diet. This could also lead to cavities and dry mouth. A dry mouth is prime breeding grounds for the volatile sulfur compounds that breed in environments free of oxygen.

So not only would you have a cranky person on this diet, but also one with bad breath. Is it really worth it to go to such an extreme? Sixty seven patients so far have said “Yes”.

If you are considering going through such a procedure to lose weight, at least keep your dental health in mind. Continue to floss, brush and use a mouthwash regularly. Pay extra attention to your mouth and teeth during this time so your teeth, gums and breath remain healthy. Your tongue may be in pain, but don’t make the rest of your mouth pay for it. And when the patch does come off, you’ll want to show off your newly shed pounds. Make sure you have the fresh breath to back up the new you.

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