The Latest TheraBreath Blog Reviews and Giveaways

Please note: if you have already been lucky enough to win one of these bloggers giveaways, please refrain from entering in order to allow others to win. Thank you!

Mommy’s Musings is running a TheraBreath giveaway and has posted her review of our original toothpaste, oral rinse and mouth wetting lozenges. Mommy Tori is the ideal person that our products were designed for! She writes, “As embarrassing as it is to admit I have always suffered from bad breath. I never quite understood this as I brush my teeth three times a day (plus I even scrape my tongue), and yet an hour or so after brushing it’s back to the normal yuckiness. Needless to say it has caused some confidence issues my entire life. I have always kept mints and mint gum with me to help aid in my trials, but they are only a temporary fix to my problem. Frankly they just do not work. I hate the fact that I have to constantly chew gum or eat mints so my bad breath goes undetected. Unbeknownst to me I just found out that…” Don’t you want to know what she learned and how to enter for a chance to win some TheraBreath? Head over here now!

One busy mommy blogger is Picking Up the Pennies and hosting a TheraBreath review and giveaway. In her review, she states what she likes about each of the three products she tested, along with a thorough review and background information. If you’re looking for a guide on our products, then go here to learn more and to enter a chance to win TheraBreath prizes! She really addresses points about halitosis that we all deal with. “Have you ever woken up with the unpleasant feeling in your mouth knowing that you have bad breath?  Nobody likes to talk about bad breathe but it is one a fact of life…Most of us are misinformed about the causes of bad breath.” This money-saving mom really knows what she’s talking about!

Are you a blogger located in the United States and interested in reviewing TheraBreath products?  Just go to and fill out the form to let us know. Please note, we do not pay for reviews but will send the products to try at no cost.

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