What’s in the Best Mouthwash for Treating Bad Breath?

Do you have oral odor, bad breath or evil-smelling exhalations? Is every puff from your palate putrid, every gasp gross? Is your respiration rank? In short, do you have halitosis? If so, you’re probably on the hunt for the best mouthwash around. Well, look no further. TheraBreath is here to help.

We find that many people come to us feeling frustrated about the mouthwash that they’re using. After all, most alcohol-based mouthrinses promise to nix bacteria, sweeten breath, thicken enamel and so on. Why is it that these products just don’t seem to work?

The problem is in the ingredients. Simply put, common mouthwashes are missing the compounds they should have and contain what they don’t need. TheraBreath, on the other hand, creates the best mouthwash around.

The worst mouthrinses contain alcohol. This may sound silly, since alcohol kills microbes, right? Well, even though ethanol eliminates many bacteria – the usual figure is 99.99 percent, though that’s not necessarily accurate – it can’t kill them all. Those that remain quickly repopulate your mouth with a new breed of slightly more resilient microorganisms.

That’s no good. On top of that, alcohol dries out your palate, leaving your mouth in prime condition for recolonization. Dryness can irritate your gums and tongue, too, as can sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), another common ingredient in typical mouthwashes. This chemical is a surfactant and detergent. That’s right: SLS is similar to the stuff you wash your dirty clothes in.

If that’s what you want foaming up in your mouth, feel free. However, know that SLS can make you more likely to suffer from canker sores. These mouth ulcers can be very painful. Skip the standard rinses, use TheraBreath’s specialty rinses, and you can keep your mouth moister.

Here’s what our best mouthwashes contain that others don’t.

– Zinc: Numerous experts point to zinc as an ingredient that can reduce halitosis the natural way. TheraBreath PLUS Oral Rinse contain zinc compounds that sweeten your breath and eliminate bacteria, all while leaving no metallic aftertaste.

– Tea tree oil: This natural extract appears to slow bacterial growth. Plus, it leaves a fresh, cool feeling on your palate.

– Oxygenating compounds: What puts TheraBreath’s rinses head and shoulders
above the rest are their oxygenating substances, which foam up in the mouth and can dislodge tonsil stones and food particles. Oxygen is a key odor-fighting ingredient. The bacteria that live on your tongue and teeth are anaerobic, meaning they thrive when the oxygen content in your mouth dips. To zap these critters away, gargle with an oxygenating mouthrinse today.

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