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Please note: if you have already been lucky enough to win one of these bloggers giveaways, please refrain from entering in order to allow others to win. Thank you!

The Shady Lady has done a review and giveaway for TheraBreath. Aside from her opinions on our products (which are VERY important of course) she also has some trivia in her post. For example, “To test your breath, lick the back of your hand, let it dry, then smell it. If it smells bad, you’ve got bad breath. This is just one of the many bits of trivia I learned from Dr. Katz and TheraBreath. There’s lots of good info on their website.” Helpful information right? She’s also  written a few more tips, so go here to read the rest and enter for a chance to win in her TheraBreath giveaway.

Momma Money has reviewed our TheraBreath toothpaste, oral rinse and mouth wetting lozenges. She’s also hosting a giveaway for TheraBreath, so if you want a chance to win a  bottle of our oral rinse and a tube of our toothpaste (full sizes) go here to enter! We love this mom’s candor and humor. Here’s a piece of her review, “First, let me state that I am a toothpaste snob. I really usually only use one brand because I don’t like the taste of others.” Sounds like a  challenge to us! We’re we up to it? You’ll have to visit Momma Money to find out.

Here at TheraBreath (as with many of you) family is very important to us. So when the son of one of our bloggers contacted us about doing a review, we were thrilled! Hookless Shower Curtains is a bath and body blog – a little different than the types of blogs we’re featured on, but still relevant. Go here to read his review. And in case you’re wondering if we’ve embarrassed this blogger by mentioning his mom, you’re wrong! He even writes about her in his post, “I had first heard about Therabreath thru my mom who you may know as she writes at Diabetic She had this mouthwash solution setting out one day that you mix together yourself and I tried it and really liked using it. So I thought I was going to receive that product for my review. But, since I was sent these 3 other new products I’ll tell you about them instead.”

Cute-Ecakes writes about the seasons changing and the not-so-fun aside effects that come with them in her TheraBreath review and giveaway. “In the winter especially, I worry about the worse than usual morning mouth- the cotton mouth land of bad breath. Somehow sleeping with the heater on makes it that much worse. That’s why I was excited to see that TheraBreath is FOR dry mouth!!” She’s exactly right; our products are designed to fight dry mouth which is a very common reason for bad breath.  Did we help her with her dry mouth? Go here to find out and to enter her giveaway too! You’ll definitely want to read about what she has to say about our products, here’s a little bit of it: “Through my recent couponing extravaganza, I’ve gotten a lot of different brands of
toothpastes that I would not normally try, and TheraBreath is…”

Are you a blogger located in the United States and interested in reviewing TheraBreath products?  Just go to and fill out the form to let us know. Please note, we do not pay for reviews but will send the products to try at no cost.

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