Bad Breath Treatments: A Quick Review

There is a wealth of bad breath treatments available on the market, some effective and others less-than-productive. With so many routes to choose on the road to good oral
well-being, it is easy to get lost. Fortunately, we at TheraBreath are always willing to lay out a straightforward set of instructions for becoming dentally health and halitosis-free.

In the name of simplicity, here is a quick review of effective bad breath treatments.

РBrush your teeth. Sure, it may come as a given that you should try to keep your pearly whites clean, but many people take their dental health for granted. The same bacteria that contribute to tooth decay and cavities also emit many of the odor molecules associated with bad breath. By  brushing, you can kill two birds with one stone.

– Floss. The tartar that gets stuck between your teeth gives off a foul smell, especially if left to fester for months or even years. Using a fine strand of waxed string or dental tape can lift this gunk out from its hiding places. Don’t forget to floss all the way down under your gums!

– Scrape your tongue. It may sound disgusting, but the revulsion you feel reflects poorly on the state of your tongue, not on the scraper itself. Besides being an integral part of your digestive system, your tongue is home to billions of halitosis-causing microbes. It also carries several grams of dead cells and decaying proteins at any one time. Unless you’re comfortable treating your tongue like an ongoing bacteriological experiment, consider investing in a specialty tongue scraper.

- Gargle with an alcohol-free mouthwash. Of all the bad breath treatment options out there, this one may be one of the most overlooked. There are dozens of common mouthwashes available at the grocery store, but nearly all of these contain alcohol. This ingredient not only fails to completely eliminate microorganisms, but it can also irritate the sensitive tissues lining your mouth. Over time, this aggravation can cause painful canker sores. Stick with an alcohol-free specialty rinse, and you’ll see a difference almost immediately.

– Try a probiotics kit. In terms of preventive bad breath treatment, a probiotics regimen is the ultimate in oral care. By using a Blis K12 or Aktiv K12 Oral Probiotics Pack, you can reduce halitosis by controlling the bacterial flora in your mouth.

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