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Plumes of Bad Breath, Oral Compounds Help Rescuers Find Trapped Humans

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Do you care about your bad breath enough to consider using TheraBreath’s specialty mouth freshening products? If so, you may be interested in some of the wild directions that breath research has gone in lately.

For instance, a study appearing in the latest issue
of the aptly titled Journal of Breath Research focused on what happens to breath and body odor when a person is trapped in a collapsed building. Ominously titled “The Trapped Human Experiment,” the investigation was in fact a cautious, probing look into the nature of bad breath under extreme circumstances.

This is not the first study to examine the effects of being trapped in debris on halitosis levels. In 2003, a paper appearing in the journal Physiological Measurement tracked the rate of change of the aromatic compounds – like ammonia, acetone and isoprene – given off by a person “trapped in a void” – that is, living in a lab.

However, the new study went a step further. Researchers from Germany, Romania and Greece monitored what happens to bad breath and body odor molecules over time, especially as these gases filter up through fallen building debris.


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Dr. Katz Recommends Oxygenating, Mouth-Moistening Rinses for Bad Breath

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Over the years, Dr. Katz has spent no small amount of time investigating the origins of bad breath. The result of so many hours of research and development is a list of the most causes of halitosis.

Recently, he appeared on WACH FOX 57 in Columbia,  South Carolina, to explain how our mouths develop odor and what we can do to eliminate it. The prime cause of bad breath, he said, is dry mouth.

Whether you sleep with your mouth open, smoke cigarettes or just generally have low saliva flow, dry mouth is your enemy when it comes to bad breath. Dr. Katz told reporter Tyler Ryan that having too little moisture on your tongue and palate allows anaerobic bacteria to multiply.

It is these microorganisms that lead to halitosis. Without adequate moisture, they can go wild digesting proteins, oils and dead cells in your mouth, ultimately emitting sulfur-based molecules as a byproduct of their digestion. These molecules are what lead your co-workers to offer you mints – that is, drop you hints.

Of course, other things can lead to halitosis too. Smoking is an obvious cause of oral odor, as are foods that leave a smell in your mouth, like garlic, onions or spicy dishes.

Furthermore, the foods you eat may lead to oral odor in a more roundabout way. If you are on a special diet – say, one that involves avoiding carbohydrates in favor of proteins – you may be doing your mouth a disservice.

What is the remedy? Dr. Katz explained that specialty breath fresheners that oxygenate the mouth can keep bacteria from thriving. Likewise, rinses, lozenges or tablets that moisten the palate may prevent microbes from multiplying.

By using such products, you may be able to clamp down on your halitosis.


The Latest TheraBreath Blog Reviews and Giveaways

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Please note: if you have already been lucky enough to win one of these bloggers giveaways, please refrain from entering in order to allow others to win. Thank you!

Are you as clever at saving as the Thrifty Ninja? Regardless, you’ll definitely want to read her review and giveaway here. Let me tell you, this lady has done her homework! Here’s an expert from her post, “TheraBreath has an entire line of products to help with oral care.  Do get canker sores inside your mouth?  I hate them!  Well……studies have found that the ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which is found in most toothpastes can cause a breakdown of the tissues in the mouth, leading to canker sores!  So your TOOTHPASTE may be causing you to get those annoying sores.  TheraBreath is one of the only toothpastes that does not contain SLS.” She is absolutely right! She also had her husband try out her products and this was not an easy task. She writes, “Now the test was my husband, because he is normally against anything that “out of the ordinary.” Pay this Thrifty Ninja a visit to find out what she thought and be sure to enter her giveaway too!

Everyone wants to be a star, right? Well then be sure to visit Star Impulse. She too has posted a review and is hosting a giveaway. What did she think of our TheraBreath toothpaste, oral rinse and mouth wetting lozenges? Here’s a snippet, “I was pretty worried trying this products because I’d imagine a product that cures bad breath probably doesn’t taste delicious so I did put it off a few days. I have a weird gag reflex with things that I expect to taste like a certain flavor and ends up tasting different. Like toothpaste I expect to taste like mint but if it’s fruity I gag. Weird? Maybe. So I prepared myself for this stuff and you know what? Not bad. Definitely not minty but not a bad taste, not like delicious, but it’s mild and very manageable. I didn’t gag at all and it really does get rid of bad oniony breath, take it from me.” We know you want to read the rest, so click here to do so.

Hey Lorri is a blog about “product reviews, books, giveaways, family and Nellie!” She’s done a review and giveaway for us too. She actually isn’t new to our products… “I’m always up for trying new personal care products.  After receiving my new Therabreath products, I remembered that I had received a sample years ago and did a post, which you can read HERE.  The look of the containers has changed a bit since then, but it still cleans just as well and makes me wonder why I didn’t keep using it, other than not being able to find it in the stores around me through the years.” That was then, this is now, so click here to see what she thinks of our newer products, other than how they look and to enter a chance to get some free TheraBreath products.

This one is for all you dog owners out there. Joan and Riah’s Reviews And Giveaways has done a review of our Dr. Katz for Dogs + Cats Oral Solution. She’s done all of the work us in her post. She writes, “Do you have a dog or cat that you just love to cuddle and they get a little close and Woo Wee their breath could knock you off your feet? Does your cat have fish breath?  If you are like my husband and I, the dog is our kid and a big part of our family!  I don’t know what I would do without my lovely pet.. She is the best in my eyes and I am careful about taking good care of her, as I want to keep her around as long as I can and keep her healthy!” We couldn’t have said it better. Now the big question is did this solution work for her? Click here to find out and to enter a chance to win some for your four legged friend.


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TheraBreath Toothpaste & Lozenges now available at Target

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

This is just a short post to let you know that most Target stores are now carrying both TheraBreath Oral Rinse AND TheraBreath Toothpaste. For a while, Target was only carrying the Oral Rinse, but just recently they added the TheraBreath Toothpaste as well, and now you can get the entire regimen at MOST Target Stores.

I say MOST because not quite all Target stores are carrying both items (1525 out of 1750), so to check and see if your local Target is carrying both items please check our store locator here.


In addition to TheraBreath Oral Rinse and Toothpaste, the TheraBreath Mouth-Wetting Lozenges are now available at just 91 Target Stores across the country. This is a much smaller selection, but they are trying the lozenges at a smaller number of stores first to see how well they sell. To see if a Target Store near you carries the TheraBreath Mouth-Wetting Lozenges, please click here.

Target is carrying all three items at an already great price, however to save even MORE money, make sure you use the money-saving coupons  located here.

Thanks for helping make TheraBreath the #1 Fresh Breath Formula in the US!

Harold Katz, DDS

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Post-Nasal Drip Can Cause Bad Breath, Especially During Allergy Season

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Suffering from post-nasal drip can be a real drag, particularly if you have seasonal allergies. Not only can sinus drainage lead to coughing and sore throat, but it may also result in powerful bad breath. This is a problem that TheraBreath offers numerous specialty solutions for.

You may have had nasal discharge for years without knowing it. Do you regularly get halitosis? Do you find yourself with the persistent need to swallow, cough or blow your nose? Do you get colds easily or suffer from allergies? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, post-nasal drip may be to blame.

The National Institutes of Health states that all of the above conditions can lead to nasal discharge, as well as flu, sinus infections and bacterial infections. That latter problem – an infection caused by microbes – is the key to explaining how nasal drip can cause bad breath.

You see, as nasal mucus slides down the back of your throat, it deposits microorganisms on the root of your tongue and on your tonsils. This thick goo creates a biofilm, meaning a living layer of bacteria, in your oral cavity.


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