Garlic Breath and Onion Breath is Forbidden in Company Handbook

Let’s face it; you spend a large amount of your time at work, surrounded by co-workers. If one or more of them has chronic bad breath, they can really be difficult to be around and work with. Even worse, it’s difficult to bring the subject up. What exactly do you do or say to this stinky mouthed person without hurting them or making things uncomfortable?

Well as we have discussed before in another post, you can send a virtual breath mint anonymously if you have their email address.  Just go here: and let us tell them for you.

One Swiss company decided to take things even further and prevent bad breath. According to the UK Daily Mail, the global banking firm UBS Aktiengesellschaft, has banned halitosis in their employee handbook. Specifically, the UBS states in its employee code of conduct that onion breath and garlic breath are unprofessional and strictly prohibited. The response has been divided on this unique measure.

The UK Daily Mail says that the corporation has been “roundly mocked”. Perhaps with just cause as along with this interesting bad breath rule, the employee handbook also has 44 pages of strict dress code restrictions. A few rules include that man should wear ties that “match the bone structure of the face” and women should wear flesh-toned undergarments.

Perhaps UBS has taken things too far, but they may be on to something with the “no bad breath” rule. If not addressed, foul breath can really alienate workers and cause awkward situations. So be sure to do your part the next time you lunch on a garlic infused or onion-covered meal. Run to the bathroom for a quick brush and rinse with TheraBreath products. Or, if you don’t have time and you have to run off to that 1pm meeting, just grab a piece of French Kiss Gum or a TheraBreath Mouth Wetting Lozenge and you’re good to go.

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