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Coolestmommy’s Coolest Thoughts has a really great Lozenges story in her TheraBreath review and giveaway. She writes, “I’ve been battling a sinus infection off and on since February. One symptom I have is lots and lots of coughing. I’m so sick of cough drops I could gag on them. I started using the Mouth Wetting Lozenges in lieu of cough drops off and on during the day. It was nice to have a decent flavor, know I was wetting my mouth and throat and still fighting off the incredibly bad breath being caused by the infection. While it didn’t always stop my cough (not what they are designed to do), it was just nice to have something other than a cough drop in my mouth.” But that’s not all, head over to her blog by clicking here to get the full details on this Coolest Mommy’s thoughts about TheraBreath. She’s also hosting a giveaway for one full size bottle of our oral rinse – completely free!

Spoiler Alert! Diary of a Mystery Shopping Teacher is a fan of all of the TheraBreath products she has tried, and she discusses it in her newest review and giveaway, featuring our new Multi Symptom Probiotics. “I love TheraBreath’s products. Everything that I’ve tried has made me feel more confident about having fresh breath. I am a customer of TheraBreath even though that means that I have to pay for it :). As a couponer, I usually don’t pay for oral care products but these are way worth it to me.” If that isn’t a good testimonial, we don’t know what is! But that’s not all she has to say, so please stop by and read her review and enter her giveaway here.

Totally Temberton has posted its TheraBreath Review and Giveaway. This busy mom has used three of our products: TheraBreath Oral Rinse, Toothpaste and TheraBreath’s Mouth-Wetting Lozenges for several months now. At first, this blogger admits she wasn’t using the products as directed. “For the first month or so, I used TheraBreath sporadically. But, then I “smartened up” and made it a vital part of my daily routine.” She know uses two of the products regularly, click here to find out which one she doesn’t and why (the answer may surprise you). Along with her thoughts on testing the products, her review (and giveaway) also discusses her take on the flavor and price of our products. It’s definitely worth a read.

Are you a blogger located in the United States and interested in reviewing TheraBreath products?  Just go to and fill out the form to let us know. Please note, we do not pay for reviews but will send the products to try at no cost.

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