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Inspired Langley explains the science behind our Multi Symptom Probiotics. “First I would like to let you in on a few facts about Probiotic Treatment. Scientific research has proven that a healthy level of ‘good’ bacteria in the body can be very beneficial. Naturally we all have this ‘good’ bacteria helping us in many bodily functions. We all have different levels of this bacteria and the lower level people seem to be more susceptible to various illnesses. So let’s crank the level of ‘good’ bacteria right? Right.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Stop by her review and giveaway here to read the rest of her thoughts (it’s super thorough and helpful) and enter for a chance to win some TheraBreath of your own.

Locomotion of Expressions is proudly hosting a TheraBreath Lozenge giveaway – you just need to answer one trivia question to enter! Go here to get more details. On top of her giveaway, she also reviewed our Multi Symptom Probiotics. Casey discusses the informational brochure that comes with our probiotics kit. It’s true, it is technical and full of very useful science. She’s done the work for you and written up her own take on the information in “laymans terms” so if you’re looking for a sneak peak or a different translation of our information, pay Locomotion of Expressions a visit.

Cinny BBS is the proud owner of Whirlwind of Surprises. She has posted her first TherBreath review and giveaway. She gives her thoughts on our TheraBreath Oral Rinse, Toothpaste and TheraBreath’s Mouth-Wetting Lozenges. Our timing couldn’t have been more perfect! “A couple years back, I had a really bad problem with my breath but the worst part was that I really had no clue that it was going on. To me, everything was normal. It wasn’t until my family noticed and said something that I realized how bad it was. ..It turns out I had chronic sinusitis so once that was treated, my bad breath went away. However, recently, I wasn’t feeling so hot and that bad breath started coming back again. This ended up being perfect timing when TheraBreath initiated contact with me and was wonderful about doing a review for them.” Did we help Cinny BBS out? Or was her skepticism justified? Go here to find out.

Saving with Sybil is back and this time she’s reviewed our new probiotics and is also hosting a lozenges giveaway. Last time, she hosted a giveaway for some of our oral rinse and toothpaste. Read her entire review here and find out why she was initially a little nervous in trying the probiotic treatment. She also has a giveaway that is very easy to enter – she’s created a really cool form that does most of the work for you!

Juiciest Deals has done its second TheraBreath review, this time for our Multi Symptom Probiotics and a Lozenge giveaway. What’s the main takeaway from this blogger after trying the 7 day treatment? She thinks “the longer you use this product the better your results will be.” We couldn’t agree more! Go here to read the whole review and to enter her free giveaway. Juiciest Deals compares the taste of our new probiotic to “crystal light lemonade” – yum! You’ll have to try it for yourself to see if you agree.

Knits and Reads write in their newest TheraBreath review and giveaway “Just recently I was asked to review the all new TheraBreath Probiotics and jumped at the chance to try some more of these wonderful products.” She even represented by talking to her dentist about our products. “I just had a dentist visit last week and they asked about my products, when I told them I’ve been using Dr. Katz products they were quite impressed and said my teeth looked great…that’s always pleasant to hear when sitting in the chair on an incline at the dentist!” What great news Lulu! She written quite a bit more about what she thinks (both good and bad) so be sure to visit by clicking here and why not enter her giveaway while you’re there?

A Diva’s Prerogative really gives the lowdown on our Multi Symptom Probiotic. Go here to find out what she noticed after using our products.  She even says that our probiotic is “refreshing” – we love hearing that! But taste aside, was it worth trying out for the 7 days? You’ll have to pay this fabulous Diva a visit to find out. Plus, she’s also hosting a giveaway for a full size box of our Mouth Wetting Lozenges. C’mon, you know you want to visit.

The Darling Girlfriends Review Spot has a confession to make in her TheraBreath Review and Giveaway. “I will confess at first I wasn’t too impressed with the toothpaste. I have been using toothpaste that foams for so long that when I started using TheraBreath Toothpaste I felt like my teeth weren’t getting the same kind of clean. Instead of giving up I headed to their website to do a bit of research and this is what I found…” She then goes on to cite how we so often discuss SLS in toothpaste and its dangers. Way to go!  What does she think after trying the products? Here’s a sneak peak: “We (my husband and I both) have taken the last month to test the products I received and overall we both like them, although I think I am a little more open to them than Mike is. (He really doesn’t like change.)” But that’s not all she has to say. Go here to find out the rest of her thoughts and to enter her giveaway for some toothpaste and oral rinse too.

Colleen, proud blog owner of Finding Our Way Home has a tip for those times when you aren’t on the 7 day treatment of our Multi Symptom Probiotic: “I think using the TheraBreath oral rinse on the days of the month that you do not use the probiotic would be a great way to keep your breath fresh.” We completely agree, Colleen, and actually suggest that you do! Thanks for the tip for your readers. Want to learn more about what Colleen thought of our probiotic (and get a chance to win a free box of lozenges)? Then go here to read the rest of Finding Our Way Home’s TheraBreath Review and Giveaway.

Chronicles of a Crazy Mom describes itself as “These are the chronicles of Lori, the smiles, the laughter, headaches and tears. A crazy lady + a crazy man = three crazy kiddos and a life of crazy happenings.” With all of this craziness, we’re honored that Lori took the time to review our TheraBreath Oral Rinse, Toothpaste and Mouth Wetting Lozenges. She tried our products out for a little over a month to give us the full scoop on what she thinks about them. Go here to find out and to enter her giveaway too. Which product was the biggest surprise for her and why? You have to visit Chronicle of a Crazy Mom to find out.

Are you Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s? If you are, you already know that they’ve posted their Multi Symptom Probiotics review and are hosting a Mouth Wetting Lozenges giveaway. If not you can check it out here. It’s definitely worth stopping by; they have posted tons of background information on our oral care probiotics, its benefits and (most importantly) what they thought it the product. On a thumbs up, thumbs down scale, see what the verdict for us is.

Are you a blogger located in the United States and interested in reviewing TheraBreath products?  Just go to and fill out the form to let us know. Please note, we do not pay for reviews but will send the products to try at no cost.

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