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Heartfelt Homeschooling is back, this time doing a review of our Multi Symptom Probiotics and hosting a giveaway for a box our Mouth Wetting Lozenges. April writes, “Bless my youngest son’s heart – he deals with several oral health issues. He’s very cavity prone, unlike the rest of us. In addition, he often is battling several canker sores or even cold sores. He currenty has cavities on several baby teeth that the dentist has decided to just let fall out rather than fill. Sometimes they ache. He seemed the perfect candidate for this process.” Yes we agree, her son was definitely ideal for our probiotics. But did they work? What did he think? What does she think? You’ll have to go here to find out.

A delicious obsession has posted its TheraBreath review and giveaway. In it, Danielle (the blog’s owner and busy mom of two) reviews our TheraBreath Oral Rinse, Toothpaste and TheraBreath’s Mouth-Wetting Lozenges. By the way, she’s hosting a giveaway too so go here to enter and read her entire review. Danielle’s review is interesting. She has given each product a star rating (the more stars, the better). She is definitely honest on her opinions of the taste of our products, but also about their effectiveness, but we don’t want to spoil the fun. Stop by A delicious obsession to see what we mean.

If you’re interested in our new Multi Symptom Probiotics, but aren’t sure if you can follow the treatment directions, Leslie Loves Veggies has some reassurance for you in her latest review and giveaway. If a product requires a lot of time and work, chances are I won’t stick with it.  I found TheraBreath Multi Symptom Probiotic very easy to use and no more time consuming than brushing my teeth and rinsing my mouth like I always do.” Sounds simple enough right? See what else she had to say here and it’ll also give you a chance to enter her giveaway while you’re there.

Two weeks ago, we had posted Grandma Sez So’s part 1 to her Multi Symptom Probiotics review. Now part 2 is done – read it here and enter her Lozenges giveaway. As always, Laurie’s review is clever, funny and educational, if you’re not already reading her posts, you really should be. Find out what she noticed just on day 3 of her probiotic treatment and her tip for gargling and rinsing so you don’t drool “like a St. Bernard” as Laurie puts it. She even got her adorable little granddaughter to get in on the 7 day treatment. Visit Grandma Sez So, it’s worth the trip!

Lisa Cay over at the McClanahan 7 has done another review for us, this time reviewing our Multi Symptom Probiotics and hosting a Lozenges giveaway. “When TheraBreath first asked if I would like to try the new Probiotics I didn’t even know what a probiotic was. I did know that an antibiotic goes against all bacteria (good & bad) then shouldn’t probiotics be helpful to our bacteria?” She now really educated herself on what probiotics are.  Click here to find out what she liked about the product and to enter her TheraBreath giveaway.

Money $aving Michele has posted her TheraBreath review and giveaway. Michele is already ahead of the curve, as you can tell by her first impressions of TheraBreath toothpaste. “When I first squeezed the paste onto my toothbrush I was quite surprised to see that it was almost clear, no colors, flecks or sparkles like you see in most name brand toothpaste. All that extra stuff isn’t good for your body, anyway, so that was a plus from the starting gate.” Michele knows her stuff! She tested out our products for a week and then so generously shared with her mother-in-law. Go here to find out what both lovely ladies thought of the products.

A Diva’s Prerogative! has posted her TheraBreath review.  This diva writes, “Oral Hygiene is the most important thing you can do for yourself, and regular Dental Checkups also. How do you tell a loved one or Co-worker that they have Bad Breath, not as easy as it sounds. First impressions are crucial when you meet someone, and let’s face it Bad Breath shouldn’t be one of them.” We couldn’t agree more. Go here to read the entire review and find out what one thing she wished was different about our toothpaste and mouthwash.

An awful stomach bug, a trip the emergency room AND storms looming on the horizon! No, this isn’t the latest action movie coming out, this is the latest review and giveaway from Mom~E~Centric. Click here to read it – you know you’re curious. Jerri Ann was feeling just awful and made a trip to the ER. Even the doctor there suggested that probiotics might be the way to go! We’d discuss her review more, but really, you should just head over to Mom~E~Centric and read Jeri Ann’s post, we wouldn’t do it justice.

Catherine of Our Village is a Little Different is already well versed in probiotics. She uses “probiotic products for overall health on a regular basis, but until now, most were made to keep the lower digestive system healthy.   Since the digestive tract begins in the mouth, it only makes sense that the upper half needs its naturally occurring flora kept in healthy balance, too.” Makes sense to us too! Click here to read the entire review and to enter her giveaway. She has tons of great probiotic information and you’ll definitely want to read what she noticed after a couple of days of using our Multi Symptom Probiotic.

Sarah of Cars, Trucks, and Teething Rings recently reviewed our TheraBreath Toothpaste, Oral Rinse and TheraBreath’s Mouth-Wetting Lozenges. She used our products for a few months to really get a feel for them. Check out her review (and she’s also hosting a giveaway) here. Sarah admits that at first she wasn’t sure about the taste (or lack thereof) in our toothpaste and oral rinse. Did it grow on her? You’ll have to read her review to find out. She also has a handy tip if you are trying out products for the first time – it’s worth the read!

Keenly Kristin is back and this time she’s reviewed our Multi Symptom Probiotic (she’s also hosting a giveaway for our Lozenges!). We’ll spoil her review a little by saying that she is definitely a fan. “It’s [the probiotic] so easy and doesn’t add a ton of time to your oral care routine…that it seems almost silly not to use Probiotics!” We love that Kristin! Head over to Keenly Kristin by clicking here. You definitely will want to find out why see thinks TheraBreath products are “the bee knees”.

Shopaholic Mommy’s Must Haves makes a very good point in her Multi Symptom Probiotic Review and Lozenges Giveaway. “I love that it’s [the probiotic] completely natural and although it’s a little pricey, I haven’t seen anything like it before as far as oral health probiotics, so there’s really nothing to compare it to!  In the end, your oral health and overall health is worth more than $28, isn’t it?” It’s true, there’s really nothing else like this on the market and this blogger really gets the purpose of this product and why it’s valuable – well done Ashley! Stop by here to read her entire review and enter her giveaway while you’re there.

Nicole over at Mom Always Finds Out used our Multi Symptom Probiotic Treatment for one week and just posted her review and giveaway for it. She write, “I’m already a fan of TheraBreath toothpaste and mouth rinse, so I was happy to use these products as a preventative measure against things like bad breath and cavities.” Check out the rest here. While she did think highly of the kit, she did have one thing she would change about it. What was that one thing? You’ll have to visit Mom Always Finds Out to see.

Amber of Dragonfly Sweetnest was very optimistic about our Multi Symptom Probiotics. In her review (and giveaway) she writes, “Upon receiving the product I knew I was going to love this product just as much as I loved the other products that I reviewed. I love the fact that it helps with so many things which I do have some issues like bad breath, gum problems, ear aches and among other things. A lot of these things didn’t start to appear until my pregnancy and have just kind of lingered around for the fun of it.” Was she as positive about the treatment after she used it? Click here to find out, and be sure to enter her giveaway while you’re there.

Are you a blogger located in the United States and interested in reviewing TheraBreath products?  Just go to and fill out the form to let us know. Please note, we do not pay for reviews but will send the products to try at no cost.

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