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The Frugal Fun Family has written a great TheraBreath review and is also hosting a giveaway. Michelle (the busy blogger) is also “a freelance writer and married mom of three boys.” Her review is very organized and easy to understand – check it out here. She used our products for several weeks in order to do a thoughtful, accurate review. She breaks each product down with a summary, photo , pros and cons and her conclusion. She’s also great about stating her opinions, like she prefers a very minty taste to her oral care products. Along with being a blogger, mom, wife and more, she’s also a great sister. “In fact, I even passed my products along to my sister for her to try–that was a big test for her, as she has a new boyfriend.” Visit Frugal Fun Family to see if we passed Michelle’s sister’s test.

Night Owls Perch has posted her TheraBreath review and giveaway. Not only is her review to the point and has a giveaway (who doesn’t want to win free stuff, right?) she’s also funny! You have to read the full review and enter the giveaway here. It’ll only take a few minutes and it’s definitely worth the trip. Aside from doing reviews and giveaways, Night Owls Perch also lets her readers know about special deals and coupons.

Do you love Girly Girl Giveaways? Then you have to stop by Monica’s blog of the same name to read her review and giveaway for TheraBreath. Check it out here. In her review, Monica discusses the difference of opinion that her and her husband had about our products. She also goes into detail about why our toothpaste does not foam or have a strong flavor – this gal definitely gets it! “It [the toothpaste] also does not foam up the way others do. These things did not bother me at all. Especially since I understand that most of those minty tastes in those products are made by added chemicals and sugars that only mask the odors of bad breath and may even cause odor causing bacteria to multiply faster. And as for the foaming, most toothpastes add the foaming agent sodium lauryl sulfate to appear like something is happening, in reality this additive has no real effect on how clean your teeth are getting.”

Moana Saves has done a review for us in the past, but now they are Doing a Relay for Life! TheraBreath and other companies have donated items to be put up for auction on eBay. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. So while this isn’t a free giveaway, it’s worth the mention and definitely for a good cause. Check out the Moana Saves blog for more details here. Or, go straight to the eBay listings here and start bidding- it’s for a really amazing cause! Aside from TheraBreath products, there are also diaper clutches, blog designs, Diva Cups and more. Don’t miss it!

What first surprised Heather at Family Friendly Frugality about our products? In her blog post (read the rest and enter her giveaway here) she talks about our containers. “My first impression when I received the TheraBreath was wow…these are really generous sized containers! I knew I would be receiving full sized products, but I guess I imagined they would be smaller! Definitely enough product to last quite awhile!” While it’s great to have a lot of product, did it actually work for her? Heather used our products for three weeks to give her readers the full scoop, stop by Family Friendly Frugality to check out the entire review and enter her free TheraBreath giveaway.

This Mom’s Delight is having a TheraBreath giveaway and has also posted her review – read it here. Her review is broken down in a very organized way. She breaks down each of the three products with a photo, brief explanation and (the best part) This Mom’s Review where she gives her opinion on the effectiveness and her overall impression of each product. Tami discusses her first impression of our products. “I admit, these two products took a few days to get used to.  They weren’t candy coated with the normal high-powered flavors, so I was skeptical.  However, they do the job and my mouth isn’t left with a burning sensation.” Tami definitely gets out products and what they’re all about. Stop by and read the complete review and enter her giveaway.

Are you looking for some juicy deals? Then head over to Juiciest Deals to read their TheraBreath review and enter the giveaway here. “Juiciest Deals will bring you the juiciest topics right now in a wide variety of topics that women love to talk about which include but are not limited to beauty, celebrity trends for less, coupons & deals, fashion, freebies & giveaways, product reviews, and so much more!” So pay them a visit to check out what they think of TheraBreath but also to save some money and be in the know.

Are you a blogger located in the United States and interested in reviewing TheraBreath products?  Just send an email to and let us know. Please note, we do not pay for reviews but will send the products to try at no cost.

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