Personal Trainers Deal with Bad Breath on a Daily Basis

Most people don’t LOVE to go to the gym. It’s something we do to keep physically fit or burn off some steam. We’re so focused on working out our bodies, but do we think about whether or not we have fresh breath on our minds while we hit the treadmill? Well, according to the Phoenix New Times, bad breath is something we should be mindful of at the gym, especially if you work with a personal trainer.

Personal trainers have a list of irks when it comes to dealing with clients at the gym. Vanity, lack of commitment, constant complaints definitely are worth noting, but halitosis tops the list of the most annoying problems in working with clients according to a recent article by the Phoenix New Times.

Exercising or physical exertion of any kind involves a lot of body odors. A healthy sweat contains fats and hormones that combine to sometimes cause a sour, unpleasant smell.  Perspiration also contains propionic acid, according to Medical News Today. This is a compound that the nose registers as a vinegar-like smell – definitely not something you want to breathe in while you’re trying to burn off those extra pounds.

But why would bad breath be such a huge concern to personal trainers? Well trainers often ask their clients to inhale and exhale deeply, often while they are face to face and in close proximity. Can you imagine having to deal with a client that already doesn’t want to be there and have to inhale their rank breath? And what if you run into this bad breath issue several times a day? Often when exhaling deeply, the sulfuric compounds that cause and carry bad breath are expelled.

Exercise itself can also be a cause of halitosis. Oral odor often comes from dry mouth, which makes your mouth a prime breeding ground for bad breath-causing germs. When you’re breathing deeply in and out, often through your mouth when working out, this may be causing even more bad breath.

What is the best way to stop bad breath at the gym? Along with a healthy oral care routine, drink plenty of water (6-8 glasses a day) to keep you (and your mouth) hydrated – this will keep dry mouth away. Make sure you are using a toothpaste and mouthwash that do not contain alcohol. Alcohol is a common ingredient in many mouthwashes so be sure to check the ingredient labels on your oral care products.

Use oxygenating oral care products that are designed to fight bad breath. TheraBreath carries a complete line of dry mouth fighting solutions to keep your breath fresh and clean no matter how much you exercise. Why not pop a ZOX Mint or one of our Mouth Wetting Lozenges on your way into the gym? They are sugar free and specifically designed to combat bad breath. Or better yet, stop bad breath before it starts by trying an oral care probiotic. It is a healthy, natural way to keep the bacteria in your mouth balanced.

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If you’re a regular gym visitor, kudos to you for taking such great care in your physical health! Just make sure your breath is as fresh as possible so you keep yourself healthy and feeling great on the inside and out.

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