Bad Breath in Music

Music is everywhere within our daily lives. We hear it in the car, at home, on TV and even at the grocery store. Musicians often say they write about everyday life which often includes love, hate, death, fear, job and even bad breath! Here are a few songs from songwriters that don’t tip toe around the subject of halitosis:

Tupac Shakur’s “Check Out Time” is one of the few songs noted to address morning breath.  Shakur writes, “Now I’m up early in the morn’, breath stinkin’ as I’m yawnin’.” The speaker has just woken up in a hotel room. Morning breath is a very common occurrence and can be easily fixed by brushing with TheraBreath toothpaste and then rinsing (without water) with TheraBreath Oral Rinse both before you go to bed and when you wake up. Morning breath is often due to sleeping with your mouth open, which dries out your mouth and leaves a great environment for anaerobic bacteria to cultivate bad breath. To prevent morning breath, make sure to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water each day. TheraBreath’s line of probiotics is always a great way to keep your breath fresh, especially in the morning.

Blink 182 has a funky song called “Does my Breath Smell?” It’s a big odd because the song doesn’t once ask the actual question or even mention halitosis. It’s mostly a rhetorical question the song writer asks because he is unable to attract members of the opposite sex. Bad breath has been listed as the #1 turn off in people looking for potential partners. Make sure to always have some TheraBreath gum or mints with you so you’re sure to be ready whenever a chance to find a date arises.

Is it possible to get halitosis just from talking too much? Not really, perhaps if you dry out your mouth by doing so. But Modest Mouse’s “The Fruit that Ate Itself” seems to imply that it could happen. “Got bad breath talking about fresh rain” does sound like the person has a case of dry mouth. It’s not too far-fetched. Speaking, especially in public can cause anxiety and often lead to dry mouth or cotton mouth. But fear not! Just pop a Mouth Wetting Lozenge and it will work in three effective stages to bring moisture (and healthy breath!) back into your bouche, after all, that’s specifically what they’re designed for.

Gil Scott-Heron’s “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” plays on an old mouthwash ad. He sings “The revolution will not fight the germs that may cause bad breath.” As far as regular mouthwashes go, he’s right. If you’re looking to truly fight the germs (sulfur-producing bacteria) definitely use TheraBreath, as our mouthwashes don’t contain alcohol which dries out your mouth and it actually has the patented ability to neutralize your mouth’s pH balance. So instead of just covering up your bad breath, neutralize it, because according to Scott-Heron’s song, the revolution isn’t going to do it for you.

Green Day is definitely not shy about bad breath. Their song “Geek Stink Breath” says that boredom is “killing my complexion and it’s rotting out my teeth.” Ignoring dental hygiene and allowing your teeth to rot will definitely give you a severe case of halitosis. We’d recommend trying TheraBreath PLUS– our extra strength line of oral care products. Later in the song, the singer goes on to say he’s “blowing off steam with methamphetamine.” Drug use, specifically methamphetamines can linger on one’s breath and cause foul oral odors, not to mention teeth rot and an increased risk of gum disease.  If you are suffering from gum disease, be sure to try out PerioTherapy line of products, they are specifically made to fight periodontal disease.

While a song is usually only a few minutes, its lyrics can really pack a punch, just like a case of bad breath. Make sure your breath is minty fresh by using TheraBreath so you can sing at the top of your lungs and know your breath isn’t offending anyone around you.

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    Interesting topic relating to bad breath. One thing I want to add. That is flossing and regularly brushing teeth can prevent bad breath. Newer generation electric toothbrush have flossing feature that is very much helpful preventing bad breath. So it can be and it should be considered to keep away bad breath.

  2. Dental Hygienist Mississauga Says:

    Love this post. I love that fact that even celebrities have horrible morning breath too!

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