Bad Breath Dog Can’t Find a Home

Halitosis can really put a damper on a person’s social life. Well, it turns out bad breath is a major turn off for our furry canine friends too. According to a recent article in the UK Daily Mail, a rescued greyhound located in Essex has been passed up by over 300 could-be owners all due to his bad breath!

Poor Tommy the greyhound has a severe case of halitosis due to immune system problems. The UK Daily Mail says that this loveable dog was put on antibiotics to lift his immune system and treat a gum infection, but the treatment didn’t help with the foul mouth odor.

But things are looking up! Tommy’s temporary owner Elaine Sheppard has trained this smart pooch to gargle with mouthwash once a day. Of course, Tommy’s oral rinse isn’t the typical mouthwash; regular human mouthwash can actually be harmful to pets. Hm, we wonder if Tommy’s owner is using Dr. Katz for Dogs + Cats Oral Solution.  Just two capfuls a day in Benji’s water will dramatically improve the “just drank from the toilet” breath. And yes! It’s great for your frisky feline friends too.

It has also been suggested that feeding your pets brown rice or carrots may naturally lessen funky breath. It’s also important to take care of your pets’ teeth; after all, they can’t brush them alone. Regular cleanings are a good way to prevent gum disease – a major problem with many pets and a serious link to bad breath.

Hopefully with the press coverage and Tommy’s new dental regimen, he’ll find a new home soon. Good luck Tommy!

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  1. carol/peter coppell Says:

    Just to hi and to let you know tommy the greyhound has got his forever and has done since 07/08 2011 and he is our pride and joy

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