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“We may not want to admit it, but we all have had bad breath at one point and time.  Many times brushing your teeth is just not enough.” We couldn’t have said it better! That’s just the beginning to Sonya’s post over at Belly Charms the blog. Sonya is holding a TheraBreath giveaway and was kind enough to do a review for us as well. Get the entire lowdown here. Aside from doing reviews, Belly Charms the blog is “a funny glimpse into the life of a sleep deprived WAHM of boys ages 3 and 5.” This blog has “Mother’s Bracelets, Maternity Belly Button Rings, Belly Charms Sales, Giveaways, Deals for Moms & More…”Be sure to stop by for some good reading and great things to buy.

Jamie’s Precious Peas has also posted her TheraBreath review and giveaway. She is the perfect person to have reviewed our TheraBreath Oral Rinse. Jamie writes, “I’ve always had a sensitive mouth so I was a little leery to try the mouthwash.” Was she pleasantly surprised or did TheraBreath just burn her mouth like all the other mouthwashes? Read her review here to find out. She even first tested the oral rinse after eating some pita chips. It’s a good read, and you can enter her TheraBreath giveaway once you get there. Jamie’s Precious Peas is a blog that focuses on “candid reviews on children’s and mom products, organics and more!”

Song Berries is a “cozy place to find my [blogger Carol’s] recipes, crafts, tips, inspirations, reviews and giveaways. Life is an Adventure!” Carol took the time to do a TheraBreath giveaway and review for us. Stop by to read her entire review and enter her giveaway. Here is a little about Carol, the fabulous woman behind Song Berries. “I’m a baker at heart. Cakes, cookies, breads. . . these are the things that really catch my eye. I’ll cook for sustenance, but my joy comes from baking!” Yum! And Song Berries has giveaways that range from Thank You Notes to Lingerie. There’s bound to be something you’ll want to win, so head over!

“Did you know that hormonal changes have been studied to contribute to bad breath?  Not only that but dairy, stress, medications and even more factors can contribute to nasty breath.” Simply Bug has definitely done some reading on bad breath! We love that! Simply Bug’s TheraBreath review and giveaway is posted here visit to read the entire review and enter the giveaway to get your own TheraBreath goodies. Simply Bug is “simply a random blog where I share my thoughts, reviews and just wing it.” It has TONS of good reading: giveaways, reviews, and posts about health, shopping and some other random goodies.

Koupon Krazed has printable coupons, free samples, coupon matchups, daily deals and recipes. There’s a TON of good information to read up on. Aside from all that good stuff, they’re also hosting a TheraBreath giveaway and just posted their TheraBreath review. Check it out here. Koupon Krazed gives the skinny on three of our products: the Original Toothpaste, Oral Rinse and our Mouth Wetting Lozenges. One lucky winner from Koupon Krazed’s giveaway will win their very own set of our Original toothpaste and oral rinse. Head on over to read our review and enter her giveaway, but she’s also got much more. She has a coupon database, ways to earn and a bunch of giveaways.

As we’ve discussed before, we truly value honest reviews. Inspired By Savannah tells all what she really thinks about TheraBreath products, all the way from the packaging to why she took a while to try us out. She even discusses when our products work best for her and why. Read her entire review here and find out why she ends it with “Everyone’s taste buds work differently, and what may have seemed strong and bitter to me, may not be for you.” Here’s a little about the woman behind the blog: “Mother of Savannah Rose, born July 19, 2010. I live in Putnam, CT with my husband, daughter, and 3 rescue dogs.” She also has developed her very own product and runs her own business. Definitely stop by Inspired By Savannah to get a different perspective on our products.

Thrifty and Frugal by Debbie has a very touching story. “My 12 year old daughter was born with no enamel on her baby teeth (a genetic thing.) This meant nothing but bad news for this little girl’s dental future. By the time she was 2 1/2, all but 6 of her baby teeth had to be surgically removed, leaving her with toothless, happy toddler smiles.” Debbie’s daughter was the perfect person to try TheraBreath products. She goes on to explain why. “Since she has weak enamel, she is very prone to decay and cavities. Since she has weak enamel, the bacteria that attaches itself to your teeth, make your breath smell fowl.” Was TheraBreath a success with Debbie’s daughter? You’ll have to go here and read the entire review to find out. She’s also hosting a TheraBreath giveaway so be sure to enter while you’re there.

Tabitha over at $aving Toward a Better Life…one coupon at time has posted her TheraBreath Giveaway and Review. Tabitha’s review is a must read because of her witty and funny writing. We love how she discusses our TheraBreath Toothpaste. She writes, “I liked using it in the mornings because I could brush my teeth before I left the house and still enjoy a cup of coffee or orange juice on the way to work without a minty aftertaste tainting the taste of my drink. I liked using it at night because in the morning, I didn’t feel as if my breath could knock out an elephant with a single puff.” Be sure to go to to read her comments on two other products she reviewed and enter her giveaway.

Shopper Strategy has posted their review and giveaway for TheraBreath. This money savvy blogger discusses TheraBreath’s prices very openly and brings up a very good point. “The products certainly aren’t cheap as you can see from the Amazon prices…and the prices are a little bit higher at the drugstore where you can buy them individually.  So my response to Heather was that frugal isn’t the same as being cheap, I save where I CAN so I can spend where I WANT and if the products are worth it then I would buy them!” So visit to find out if we’re worth the extra money and enter her giveaway for free TheraBreath goodies.

The Cheeky Momma from Being Frugal and Making It Work has posted her TheraBreath Review and Giveaway. In her review, she makes a candid observation. “Both the oral rinse and toothpaste were both clear as well, very different from what I’ve used forever.  I even pointed it out to my husband, LOL!  Not because it was a bad thing but because it was totally unexpected.” Were our clear-colored products a success? You’ll have to go to to find out. And why not enter her giveaway too? Here’s a little about this Cheeky Momma: “I’m a crafty and frugal stay at home mother of 2. I’m all about being frugal and making the most out of my time and money with my family. I earn ‘extra’ money and win prizes online that help my resources stretch farther for my family.

Night Time Help Blog has posted their review and giveaway for TheraBreath. Head over to to enter Lisa’s giveaway and read her review. The Night Time Help Blog is “where dry nights are born.” Here’s a little bit about Lisa, the woman behind the blog: “I’m a mom of three wonderful kids and a wife to a very supporting husband. I have two awesome grand kids who keeps me busy lol. I love to read and give God praise!Helping children has always been my passion so I decide to create three wonderful timepieces that will assist millions of children who suffers from bedwetting.” Sounds interesting right? So be sure to pay them a visit.

Books R Us having a TheraBreath giveaway too! Go to to enter and read Eileen’s review. Eileen admits she’s had issues with dry mouth and bad breath, so our products were perfect for her to try. She tells all about our TheraBreath Oral Rinse, Toothpaste and TheraBreath’s Mouth-Wetting Lozenges. Books R Us also has tons of reviews (and giveaways) on various books, but also things like mixers and germ protection spray. Looking for a good read or advice on books? Then head over to Books R Us.

Victoria’s Voice has posted her TheraBreath review and giveaway. In her review, Victoria opens up to use readers about why she was ready to try our products. “I have noticed that as I get older my breath (ahem) seems to get a little more rank.  At least to me.  Especially when I am suffering from sinus issues it seems to be worse. My excessive coffee, tea, and coke drinking doesn’t help I am sure.  I have used the really strong germ killing mouthwashes, but I can’t keep them in my mouth long enough to really do what it is supposed to do because of the burning sensation.” Click here to find out if we helped Victoria, of if she’s back to the strong, burning mouthwashes. Be sure to enter her giveaway too!

Leslie over at Leslie Loves Veggies discusses her past issues with mouthwash in her TheraBreath Review and Giveaway. She writes, “I tend to shy away from mouth wash and rinses because they are loaded with alcohol and they shred the inside of my mouth after only one use.” We can definitely understand what she means. Many mouthwashes contain alcohol, which can sometimes be painful to gargle with. She also tells us about her mother’s battle with dry mouth. “My poor mom was affected by dry mouth. She would carry hard candy in her purse to suck on, which only seemed to make matters worse.” Would our Mouth Wetting Lozenges have been a solution for her mom? You’ll have to read her review here (and why not enter her giveaway?) to find out.

Beauty Brite is “A little bit of everything ~ All about beauty, makeup, product reviews, opinions, giveaways and more! If you love all of the above, you’ll love Beauty Brite!” And we definitely agree! Stephanie, the blog’s owner has posted her TheraBreath review. Check out the full review here and find out if we got rid of Stephanie’s skepticism as she writes “I was a little skeptical with how well the products would work.” Stephanie’s husband is a smoker and wanted to be sure to let readers know about our lozenges. “I wasn’t sure if my husband would like the lozenges because they are minty like the store bought ones, but he wanted to make sure I mention in this review that as a smoker, he loves them!  He said that the lozenges lubricate his dry mouth since being a smoker dries out his mouth!” Stop by to read the entire review and to check out Beauty Brite’s other reviews and giveaways.

Amber over at Dragonfly Sweetnest discusses our TheraBreath toothpaste in her review and giveaway “…my hubby and me both tried this out. I was super suprised how well it worked with bad breath with the season right now sinus problems are pretty bad which is where our bad breath comes from.” Amber is exactly right. It definitely is allergy season right now and this can cause sinus problems, which lead to bad breath. Check out the rest of her review and enter her giveaway here. Dragonfly Sweetnest also has tons of other giveaways from dishes to crayons. Stop by!

The busy mommy behind the blog Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s discusses why she reviewed TheraBreath (she also has a giveaway too, so enter!). “I was more than happy to review these products because I am always worried about my breath! I always keep some gum on hand for a quick cover up!” Read her entire review here. Aside from great reviews and giveaways, Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s also has weekly Wordless Wednesday and Aloha Fridays. No matter, your interest, you’re bound to find something of interest, so be sure to visit Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s.

Christine at Our Homeschool Reviews was a great reviewer and visited our website to learn more about our products and the science behind bad breath. In her review (read it here) she writes, “It’s been interesting reading up on what really causes bad breath and why those popular toothpastes and mouthwashes don’t help.” We love that she not only tested the products, but educated herself as well. Did our products work or is the jury still out? You’ll have to visit Our Homeschool Reviews to find out. Hurry over to enter her TheraBreath giveaway too.

Are you a blogger located in the United States and interested in reviewing TheraBreath products?  Just send an email to and let us know. Please note, we do not pay for reviews but will send the products to try at no cost.

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